2nd DUI California is considered as a serious legal crime. It can happen when one has a high level of alcohol content in the blood or have any proofs of unchecked substance abuse. Many drivers take these charged lightly until and unless they faced with one. 2nd DUI in California tells the percentage of intake for alcohol or drugs. Californian DWI lawyer for legal crime through this influence of drug or any kind of substance that may harm for self nd others handles with such care.

2nd DUI California

The charges if proven can have huge consequences on the accused. It can range from sky-high penalty fines to long-term imprisonment. In other words, the second DUI offender can expect much harsher punishments and penalties or is a second dui a felony in California.

2nd DUI California – Penalties in California

California 2nd DUI penalties generally depend on the circumstances you were caught in. But if there are aggravating factors like having a child in your car or weaving through multiple lanes, causing accidents the punishments will be severe. How long do you lose your license for a second DUI?

  • Fines: In California, if a person is convicted of DUI he or she will be given around 45 days to pay the fine. When a second DUI is committed the charges can range anywhere from $1800 to $2800.
  • License suspension: As a consequence of a second DUI charge a driver will at the risk of losing his or her license for as long as 18 months. If the order of suspension is given the accused cannot have any access to the vehicle, but if there is a restriction, then the driver may drive for work or educational purposes.
  • Counseling sessions: Corrective measures are a way to avoid harsh sentences. Some mandatory school training is given to explain the risk of drunk and driving. In 2nd DUI California an accused can be asked to spend up to 18 months in such institutions. California 2nd DUI penalties can be major if anyone breaks the rule for drink and drive.
  • Jail time: The jail time in the case of a second offense it can be up to 96 hours. This duration can be reduced if the defaulter is ready to do community service.

Second DUI California Hopes for reconciliations after a second DUI

2nd DUI in California mostly a stricter for drink and drive cases. The Californian authority is strict with their 2nd DUI in California and they bind a percentage with the intake of intoxications. But there are still some ways to change the direction of the trial for California second DUI offence:

  • Safe until proven guilty – Just because a second charge is pressed against a driver it does not mean that he or she is convicted. An arrest can happen but until and unless the guilt is proven no conviction can be made.
  • Be prompt – In California, courts hear cases almost every day. Showing promptness and responsiveness in appointing an experienced 2nd dui lawyer can ensure you quicker relief. 
  • Consult your Attorney – When you are accused of the second time under DUI charges, you must make sure that you are extra careful with your statements. This will prevent you from coming into a direct scanner of the prosecutor.
Second DUI in California
Second DUI in California

2nd DUI California DMVHire the Best one in State

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