How much does an immigration lawyer cost, You’ve decided to start the immigration process, now you face the mountain of paperwork, questions and procedures of an immigration application. To make things smooth and easy for you and to not get stuck in the chaos and fuss of all the paperwork and legal work it is better you get yourself an immigration lawyer.

Yes the immigration lawyer does make things easier for you but the most often queries about them is how much do they cost actually?, well worry not below we have listed the factors that can influence immigration lawyer costs and how much you can expect to pay. Our Immigration Lawyer  will help you out with all possible ways to know more than basics.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost – What is an Immigration lawyer?

Immigration cases are complex. There are layers of complicated rules, laws and regulations you need to navigate to get a successful outcome. Some cases are simple and don’t need special assistance. In most cases, however it is safest to have someone who is specialized, has a lot of knowledge, and knows what they are doing to assist you with the case. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in. Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration law and know all the tricks of the trade to help you a successful outcome.

How much does an immigration lawyer costHow much do Immigration lawyer charge?

Each lawyer has their own costing structure and method. Before you engage an immigration lawyer, it is best to first have a consultation to see whether you are comfortable with what they are offering and how much they charge. Some immigration lawyers offer a free initial consultation, while others will only charge you for the first consultation if you don’t engage their services afterwards, but some lawyers do charge you for both.

Before you go to an immigration attorney, be prepared to pay a reasonable consultation fee. But make sure you don’t sign any contracts to engage their services until you are comfortable with your choice. Usually, this means consulting with at least two or three attorneys before engaging their services. Initial consultation fee range anything between from $100 to $400. At first consultation, you can enquire about their fee structure and how much are they going to charge you for the specific case. It’s always a good idea to compare the prices charged by different How much does an immigration lawyer cost this helps you make a choice with your money being involved you would like to get the best use of it at a decent enough price.

Immigration lawyer near me – The different cost factors of an Immigration lawyers

There is a whole host of factors that can influence the cost of an immigration lawyer. Generally, however, the following factors will affect the price you are charged.

First of it being the application you make – How much does an immigration lawyer cost different fee for different applications as each application has a different complexity or amount of work. So, whether you’re applying for a green card or an L1 Visa, for example it will make a difference to what you will be charged by your attorney.

What you need them to do for you – The type of work you will require them to do will influence the fees the immigration lawyer will charge you, Will they simply assist you in filling the forms correctly and effectively or, will they assist you in court with a deportation charge, this all is taken into consideration by the immigration attorney before they charge you, it all depends on what work you want to be get done by them.

Their Level of Experience – Often immigration lawyers with more experience and longevity in this field will charge higher fees, although it isn’t always the case. Make sure you weigh the fee charged with their level of experience. You want to get a good lawyer, but you don’t want to pay an unnecessary premium for an immigration lawyer.

Where are they located – As with many other things, location plays an important role to determine the cost of the immigration lawyers, Generally immigration lawyers in big cities like New York, L.A and San Francisco charge more than immigration lawyers in small towns. Immigration lawyers in some states also tend to charge more than in other states.

Immigration lawyer fees for visa – Average costs for an Immigration Lawyer

Costs for Visas, You can expect to pay for following average immigration lawyer fee for following work visas: Immigration lawyer fees for spouse visa

  • H1B Visa – $ 1,195 to $1,495
  • H4 Visa – $200 to $ 400
  • H1B1 Visa – $995
  • J1 Visa waiver – $995
  • L1 Visa – $2,500
  • E3 Visa – $500
  • TN Visa – $500

How much does an immigration lawyer cost for green card – Costs for Green Cards

How much does an immigration lawyer costGreen card lawyer fees generally average at the following:

Marriage based green card – $800 to $4000

If you are a sibling to a U.S citizen – $795

If you are a parent of a U.S citizen – $795

Employer Sponsored Labour Certification with PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) – $2000

Multi National Executive and Manager & L-A Visa holders – $2500

Outstanding Professor or Researchers – $1500

Registered Nurses – $1400

Physical Therapists – $1400

AC- 21 Portability for Pending I-484 Petitions – $395

EB1 Extraordinary Ability – $2900

It is estimated that hiring an immigration lawyer to complete your immigration or non – immigration visa application can save you four to eight weeks in processing time. How much does an immigration lawyer cost knows exactly what types of visas or relief are available to you and can help you compile a valid and complete application for the first time around.

This will save you time and money, and could avoid your receiving a rejection of your application, or a request for more evidence. Furthermore, a lawyer can prepare you for your interview at a consulate abroad, or at USCIS within the country, and help streamline the process. This greatly lowers the risk of a rejection of your application in its finals stages.

Lastly, an immigration lawyer will evaluate the facts of your particular case and advise you on your probability of obtaining the type of visa or other immigration benefit you seek. So avoid the pitfalls of immigration law by hiring a qualified immigration lawyer who keeps you up to date with the ever changing trends in this complex process. For further information contact us today at