Average Cost of DUI Lawyer tends to a bit different from that of personal injury lawyers. Some personal injury lawyers may take up such a case, but the payment can be subject to contingency. On the other hand, criminal lawyers will demand an advanced deposit even before the case is taken up. If you want to know more then you can contact DWI lawyer.

Average Cost of DUI Lawyer
Average Cost of DUI Lawyer


But it cannot be stated directly how much an attorney will charge a person for the case in consideration. It will depend on a number of factors. For example, the dui lawyer near me will be an important component in the case that is being fought. Then comes the factor of the reconciliation you are asking for. It will also depend on how complicated your case turns out to be.

Average Cost of DUI Lawyer : Professional charges

The average cost of a DUI Lawyer will depend heavily on the type of case that needs to be fought. The deciding factor for this is the complexity of the case at hand. 

  • Single Plea – The dui lawyer near me cost can be quite high. It can range from $750-$1500 for a single plea. 
  • Trial – Again for a trial, the charges can vary widely, the average rate likely being around $2500-$25000. These charges will again depend on the type of the case.

Free consultation that is available with most DUI attorneys. It can last for a time period of about #0 minutes in general.

The financial cost of a DUI

The financial cost of a DUI

What is the average cost of a DUI lawyer – Fee structure

When it comes to fee structures of the concerned first offense of the average cost of DUI lawyer, there are generally two types. 

  • Hourly Basis – The first one is on an hourly basis. It is an advantageous option because then the client can only pay for what is being delivered. 
  • Flat Rate – The other type of fee structure is a flat rate. In this type of pay structure, the average dui lawyer fees will give all over quotes that will be needed to fight the whole case. The only advantage that can be pointed out in this structure is that sometimes the client will be given an all over discount which is not feasible in the hourly rate structure.
dui lawyer near me
DUI lawyer near me

DUI Lawyer Near Me: Top 5 DUI Law Firms

  1. Musca Law, Florida – They specialize in DUI cases. The firm is reputed because they have successfully dealt with various such cases. It has an experience of about 150 years in this field and can maximize the chances of winning.
  2. Law Office of Douglas Herring, New Jersey – The services of this law firm are known as they handle cases related to municipal court charges. Mr. Herring is particularly of the repute of strong representation of the client in order to ensure success.
  3. Law Office of Mark Rosenfeld, California – This law firm has been in business from 1999. The firm has some of the most experienced attorneys in the business and ensures the correct representation of the client needed to win a particular case.
  4. Suzuki Law Office, Arizona: The 24/7 customer service of this law firm is the biggest advantage. They will strategize the winning conditions according to the need of the client and make sure the side of the client heard and understood.
  5. Andreopoulos Law Firm, Florida: The team of excellent attorneys associated with this company aggressively fight for the client in order to reduce or dismiss the charges of average cost of DUI lawyer. The lawyers are compassionate yet professional which provides the best possible service to the clients. You can also contact DUI lawyer at Colorado.

Hiring a good DUI attorney is expensive. But in order to get out of laws clench, one must consult the best and be free of false charges. To get more information on average cost of DUI lawyer, contact the experts our home page.