Car accident lawyer Brooklyn might be the first person you need. Being in an accident can be traumatizing as it causes damage both physically and emotionally. Your life can turn upside down in a moment, and you can end up in a hospital bed for weeks because of a car accident. Although some of these are minor and cause only property damage, others can land you in physical pain. Once you’ve faced an injury due to the negligence of another individual, you’ve entered a potential case. Then you can take help from Injury attorney near me for more information.

While you’re already dealing with health recovery and emotional instability, it can be a herculean task to deal with insurance companies, police investigation, and the entire paperwork that comes along. A car accident attorney Brooklyn can you in unraveling the situation without much sweating. 

car accident lawyer brooklyn
Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn : Reasons to hire them

Your attorney should be an experienced professional with more or less 7 years of education, followed by practice. He or she should be able to guide you through the paperwork as well as the negotiation of the case. 

In a time when you’re ridden with injuries and fighting with financial crises, you can only trust a lawyer to get your life back on track. Some of the common reasons why people hire a car accident lawyer brooklyn for auto accidents are:

  1. Major injuries
  2. Financial losses
  3. Time-consuming damages

So, if you happen to be in a car accident in Brooklyn that wasn’t your fault, you should hire a lawyer right away. 

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney : Steps of car accident case

The sooner you hire a car accident lawyer Brooklyn, the better they can prepare your case. Waiting for a long time before to claim your settlement can jeopardize it. You must start your search for a seasoned car accident lawyer as soon as you’ve consulted your doctor. 

Your attorney will need time to gather evidence and information to support your claim. Hence, you must contact a trustworthy firm immediately after getting medical advice. 

  • Initial investigation and treatment 

Once the accident has occurred, your priority should be your health. In case you are injured and need medical attention, you must get it immediately. However, if you’re not majorly hurt and can perform the initial investigation of the accident, it might help your case. 

Taking photographs of the following can help in speeding up your case proceedings. 

  1. The scene of the accident
  2. Number plates
  3. Location of the cars
  4. Weather conditions 
  5. Debris 

Moreover, taking down the contact information of the witnesses and surveying the area for surveillance cameras can also be useful for evaluating the weightage of your case. 

  • Address your needs from the case

You must understand your expectations from the case before you hire a car accident lawyer Brooklyn or file a lawsuit. Once you’re sure that you want to get legal advice, start with shortlisting the best law firms in your area. 

Before, you hire a Brooklyn car accident attorney to ensure that he/she has experience in similar cases and has a suitable qualification. Moreover, sort out the mode of communication and meeting to make the case hassle-free. 

  • Insurance claim

You should inform your car insurance company if you’re in an accident. Usually, the company should be able to help you get your car fixed or a monetary settlement for the damage if you have collision coverage. The insurance company, in turn, acquires it from the company of the defense party. 

It’s often seen that the defendant’s insurance company will also contact you to acquire a written or recorded statement of the accident. Brooklyn car accident lawyer might even offer you a nominal amount and try to settle the case. However, you should be careful and avoid being in contact with the opponent or signing any document. 

  • Consult a lawyer

Most law firms have a free first consultation policy where you can meet and discuss the aspects of your case with your potential lawyer. You must do a background check of the lawyer you’re about to hire. Also, ensure that your car accident lawyer Brooklyn has a clean disciplinary record and a decent reputation.

Once you finalize a lawyer, discuss the approach he/she has for the case and the settlement amount before you file a lawsuit.

  • Contingency fee agreement

Most personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis, i.e., one-third of the settlement amount. All the expenses during the case are initiated by the lawyer and should be covered by the client once the settlement amount is recovered. However, if you lose the case, you don’t have to pay any charges. 

Although NY caps the highest fee percentage to be 33%, there’s nothing as the lowest amount. You’re free to discuss this with your car accident lawyer Brooklyn to decide an appropriate fee. However, you must sign a contingency fee agreement with your lawyer before hiring them. 

  • What settlement do you demand?

Once you’re medically stable, your Brooklyn car accident lawyer will submit a demand to the insurance company on your behalf. There are a few offers and negotiations before you settle. 

  • Negotiation or trail

Your case doesn’t need to proceed to trial. Your lawyer might be able to settle it for a suitable amount without taking it to court. There are alternate ways to resolve the dispute between two parties; one such is mediation. 

In such a situation, a neutral third party will facilitate a voluntary discussion between the parties involved in the accident to settle before trial. 

However, if mediation is unsuccessful, the case follows the trial. In the court, your car accident lawyer Brooklyn will represent you to prove the negligence of the other party and reach a settlement. 

Car Accident Attorney Brooklyn
Car Accident Attorney Brooklyn

Car Accident Attorney Brooklyn – Time taken to settle the case

Each auto accident case is unique, and the time required to settle it might vary. However, certain factors can contribute to your case timeline, and some of them are: 

  1. Determining and proving liability
  2. The extent of injuries and damages
  3. Quality and quantity of evidence
  4. The response rate of the insurance company
  5. Skills of your car accident lawyer Brooklyn

There is no fixed deadline for your case, and it can take somewhere between a few months to several years to settle. While some cases can be straightforward, and you can get the outcomes in a couple of months, some might require years of complex calculation to yield results. If you need any special advice you may come in touch with us at attorney vs lawyer .