Car accident lawyer Colorado Springs can be the person you need. On a seemingly ordinary day, you’ve picked up your afternoon coffee. You’re driving to your son’s annual day program. You wait for the signal to turn green, and as soon as you start your car, a car with a reckless driver crashes into yours. On a day like this, you’ll need a little more than just patience to deal with the situation. By hiring injury lawyer near me, help you to find out every entity that can be held liable for your case. 

As if the injuries from the accident weren’t enough that you also have to face endless phone calls and emails from the insurance company, along with heaps of medical bills.

In an unfortunate event when you or a family member has been in a car accident, it’s natural that you want fair compensation. An auto accident lawyer colorado springs can help you down the road of case proceedings. 

car accident lawyer colorado springs
Car Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs

Car Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs – Why do one need a lawyer post-accident?

You don’t legally require a lawyer to represent your case. Your insurance company will also try to convince you not to hire one. However, if you’ve been injured in a car crash in Colorado, a Colorado car accident attorney

can help you protect your rights.

Having a lawyer by your side during these times of confusion and suffering can help you focus better on the case. A good Colorado springs car accident lawyer can turn your case around from the grave. Hence, if you’re contemplating consulting a lawyer, you’ve no reason to delay. A suitable car accident lawyer Colorado springs can strengthen your case by:

  1. Comprehensive investigation of the accident
  2. Detailed study of medical records
  3. Reconstructing the crash to discuss various perspectives
  4. Calculating the damages 
  5. Filing an insurance claim on your behalf
  6. Representing you in the court trials

Things to be aware of during your case

Finding the perfect lawyer for your case can be more than a little complicated. You would have to go through the personal injury lawyer profiles and shortlist the most suitable professional based on their winning percentage, disciplinary history, etc. 

You must also sign a fee agreement with the attorney. Ensure that you pay only if you win the case and that the deal is of contingency fee percentage of not more than 33% or one-third of the settlement amount. 

Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer – Common reasons that lead to a car accident

One of the top reasons for the automobile accidents occurring in Colorado Springs is the negligence of the driver and speeding. A car accident lawyer colorado springs who operates in nearby areas can help you make your case strong. 

Most car accidents in the region are caused due to the below-listed reason, and a suitable lawyer can help you point out the root cause of your accident. 

  1. Unsafe lane changing
  2. Speeding
  3. Calling or texting while driving
  4. Driving under influence
  5. Tailgating

In the above cases, the negligence of a driver has caused your accident, and they’ve to compensate for the same. However, there can be certain cases which can be caused due to other reasons as well. 

Accidents are often caused due to defective parts of the car, such as faulty tires, brakes, or steering columns. Sometimes the defective design of s vehicle can cause it to rollover. In these situations, the colorado springs car accident attorney file lawsuit which is to be filed against the manufacturer. 

Moreover, car accidents might also occur due to the construction and maintenance of roads or poor road conditions. In that case, your car accident lawyer colorado springs will help you to find if a government agency can be held responsible for the damages. 

Personal Injury Lawyer – How to prove liability?

You can file your claim for the damages caused in the car crash with the defense’s liability auto insurance provider. If the other driver’s negligence has caused you injuries and property damage, his or her liability insurance provider is responsible for you the compensation. 

You can gather the following data to prove the liability of the defense: 

  1. Surveillance camera footage from local businesses
  2. Witness statements
  3. Medical records
  4. Accident scene photos 

Your car accident lawyer colorado springs should also reconstruct the scene of the accident with the help of evidence and experts.

Whether it’s an employer whose car was involved in the accident or a bar that served alcohol to a minor who, in turn, caused the accident— everyone can be held accountable for your losses. 

Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney – Most common car accident injuries

Most car accidents don’t leave you without any injuries. While some damages can be limited to a few cuts and bruises, others can leave you in pain and disability for a long time. The most common car crash injuries that proceed to cases are:

  1. Concussions (head and brain injuries)
  2. Neck injuries (whiplash)
  3. Spinal cord injuries
  4. Facial deformation
  5. Internal injuries and organ damage (internal bleeding might also cause fatality)

Accident-prone regions of Colorado

Although an unfortunate car accident can happen anywhere to anyone, Colorado Springs ranks in the top list of places infamous for crashes. The statistics of the crash data from the Colorado Springs Police Department suggests these locations as the most dangerous: 

  1. Cimarron Street
  2. Woodmen Road
  3. Fillmore Street
  4. Garden of the Gods Road
  5. Airport Road 
Colorado Car Accident Attorney
Colorado Car Accident Attorney

Colorado Car Accident Attorney – Damage recovery

In case of car crashes in Colorado Springs, a reputable car accident lawyer Colorado springs can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Your attorney can help you compute the damages caused in the accident accurately. 

  1. Economic losses: These losses are calculated as a total of medical bills, lost wages or jobs, and property damage. 
  1. Non-economic damages: These losses include the severity of injuries, emotional stress, and trauma.

If your family member or a loved one has died or been severely injured in a car accident, hiring a car accident lawyer colorado springs can help you cover the funeral charges as well. 

Car Accident Attorney Colorado Springs – When should one hire them?

You already know that hiring an attorney soon after the accident can help your case. However, according to the statute of limitations of Colorado Springs, you are legally allowed to file a claim until 2 years after the collision. 

Your insurance company might also have regulations or deadlines by which you have to file your claim. Hiring a professional car accident lawyer Colorado springs early in the timeline means that you’ll have a support system. For further information, contact us on Online Lawyer.