Car accident lawyer near me

Going through an accident can be a traumatic journey. The physical pain, emotional breakdown, and
above all, the financial losses; all of these, leave the victims with terrible experiences that may last
forever. Be it temporary or permanent, accident injuries, burden them with hefty medical expenses and
loss of wages. In such difficult times, a car accident lawyer near me is someone who can get you off the
financial mess and even help you to make the liable, i.e., the accused pay for your loss. Moreover, the
hassle of claiming insurance can also be reduced to a great extent with the help of car accident
Having said this, it is pretty obvious to be bothered by several questions as in who is a car accident
lawyer, what do they do, and how are they going to be helpful to you. Therefore, to answer your
queries, we have set up this post with all the details you should know about car accident lawyer near
me. So without any further ado, let’s begin:
Who is a car accident lawyer near me?
A car accident attorney or lawyer is a qualified professional who provides legal aid to accident victims.
As said in the opening paragraphs, car accident attorneys near me will help victims to sue the liable, i.e.,
the person at fault for his/her negligence. They examine your case thoroughly, gather witnesses, and
collect your medical records to analyze the compensation and support your insurance claims, thereby
freeing you from the overburdening struggles.
Why and when should you hire a car accident lawyer near me?
Many accident victims either doubt the necessity of hiring car accident attorneys or are merely confused
in regards to what type of cases demand the intervention of such lawyers. Here are a few notable points
that can give you clarity on the necessity and conditions of hiring car accident attorneys near me.
● According to what experts say, victims are required to consult an attorney immediately after the
accident. Delaying the consultation can reduce your chances to get the right compensation you
deserve. This is because there are certain rules that demand to file the lawsuit, within a specific
duration after the accident takes place. Moreover, your medical bills and wage loss may pile up
quickly. So, the sooner you do it, the better.
● Accidents that are too petty with minute injuries do not need an attorney. However, those
mishaps that involve considerable damages to the individual and the property are advised to be
taken to accident lawyers immediately.
● Insurance companies are critical to deal with: It is very likely that soon after you regain your
stability, you will rush to claim your insurance for the accident losses. However, what will
happen here is that the insurance companies won't be readily accepting your claim and even if

they do it, their strategic research will reduce your compensation to a great extent. In such
circumstances, an accident attorney will help you ease the process by assisting you with
potential witnesses in your support.
● You get freed from all the legal procedures: Law rules are tedious and complicated. Moreover,
when the case is that of an accident, it only adds to the complication. Such accident scenarios
require thorough investigation and are bound by plenty of time-consuming regulations that
need to be followed to eliminate issues. A car accident attorney will handle the paperwork, case
filing, and other such legal requirements; thereby freeing you from the worry of doing it all
● You get representation: As it is always said, representation matters. And in such tough times,
when you are already carried away by the misfortune in your life, it is necessary that you get
legal representation, so that you receive the justice you deserve. Hence, a car accident lawyer
near me will represent you and be your support to traverse through these difficult times
● They are knowledgeable about the law: This is similar to what was said above. As a non-
specialist, it is quite impossible to be fully aware of the law and rulings of your State. Lack of
knowledge can put you into serious legal troubles and can even be advantageous to the
opposing party to fool you. Moreover, the insurance companies may also take it as a plus point
and try to pull your claim down. However, a qualified attorney, knowledgeable of all the do's
and don'ts will support you to gain the best of benefits in your favor.
What do car accident lawyers do?
After having discussed the necessity of hiring accident attorneys, the next question that possibly pops
up is about how they do it. What do these lawyers do in order to assist you in getting the best results in
your case? The next few paragraphs will answer your query in brief. But before we begin, an important
point to note is that hiring an accident lawyer works both the ways. In other words, these lawyers will
help you in cases where you are at no fault and also in those situations, when you are held liable to
someone else’s injuries. So with this said, let’s begin:
● Investigate: The initial step is to investigate the accident and its circumstances. The car accident
attorneys near me work to collect witnesses and other strong evidence that can support your
liability claim to get the best benefits possible. It also involves the collection of all your medical
reports and treatment record that are submitted to the insurance company to claim the
compensation. This is usually performed after the victim gets healed from the injuries and the
treatment has stopped.
● Settlement: The next step followed by the investigation is demanding for settlement. It is
nothing but dealing with the insurance company to come to a reasonable compensation that
fulfills the needs of the victim. The attorneys will demand and negotiate on the basis of the
evidence they have gathered.
● Final declaration – lawsuit or settlement: After the attorneys have concluded a settlement with
the insurance company, the ball falls in the victims’ court to either go with the amount or file a
lawsuit against the accused. In most cases, people prefer settlement over the lawsuit. So what

follows after this, is the path you choose to go with, i.e., either you receive compensation or
proceed with case-filing.
So here you will find a brief description of what will the car accident attorneys near me do upon your
consultation. Now, after all the above discussion, you may probably want to find an attorney to proceed
with your case. But remember, that it is only the best car accident lawyers near me who can help you
get the best deals with no hassle. To reach out to such people, here are a few things you should look for.
How to find for yourself the best car accident attorney?
● Experience: Your primary consideration, when you look for an attorney to handle your case,
should always be ‘experience.’ Managing legal cases is not a cake walk. Hence, it is highly
essential that you look for personnel who have hands-on experience in leading such accident
● Standard and reputation: Choose someone who has a reputation for dealing with insurance
companies. Acquiring an appropriate compensation is probably the most onerous task
throughout this journey. Therefore, lawyers who are famous for demanding commendable
settlement with the insurance companies should be your first priority.
● Check for referrals: One of the best ways to find a suitable attorney is to get referrals. Ask your
friends, relatives or colleagues. Listen to their experiences with various attorneys and choose
someone who suits your needs the best.
● Convenient and comfortable: Look for an attorney who will make you feel at ease with the
entire process. A person who is comfortable to talk with and discuss the unfortunate incident is
sure to help you out throughout this tiresome journey. Keep away from stern officials who only
brag about the procedure and scare you with all the bad consequences unnecessarily.
Keeping these four useful tips in mind can help you find the best car accident lawyers near me. To
support you further in your struggle, we have set up a list of attorneys who fit into all the above
categories and can assist you efficiently to get the best results.
Best car accident lawyers near me:
● John Foy & Associates (Atlanta)
● Car Accident Lawyer Pros (Las Vegas)
● Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. (Atlanta)
● Michigan Auto Law (Michigan)
● Prince Benowitz LLP (Virginia)
● Wolfson Law Firm (Miami)
● Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin (Seattle)
● Staver Accident Injury Lawyers (Chicago)
● Kalka & Baer LLC (Atlanta)

None of us can predict an accident. What, when, and how they can take place is not what we can control
as humans. However, what is possible on our part is to choose the right course of action to prevent any
further damage. And consulting a car accident lawyer near me is what will be the best choice to move
on. The list mentioned above consists of reliable attorneys and to know more about them, feel free to
contact us.