What are careers in law without being a lawyer?

Did you know there are other careers in law without being a lawyer?? Are you surprised to read that? If you are, there are some more surprises waiting deep down the article. Like every industry, the law also has different branches. The participants in the commercial aspect of those branches are professionals who work in the law sector without being a lawyer.

There are multiple instances when a law student diverts his mind from becoming an attorney and starts preparation for becoming a legal secretary. In these cases, you need to take into account your preferences. There are arrays of professions hidden within the roof of law. You simply need to figure them out and decide on your own which one are you made for?

Who can apply for such careers?

Not many people believe in the fact that there are other careers in law without being a lawyer. It’s like a jackpot for law enthusiasts who don’t have any appropriate law related degrees. Yes, it’s possible for diploma holders as well to join the legal sector.

  • You may possess a simple graduation degree or a specific certification related to the particular profession.
  • Some of these professions might demand as simple as a high school diploma in order to get you started.
  • You are required to understand a few legal terms and some aspects of law just for personal development. Some of these professions might require from you the ability to deal with some legal cases.

Careers in law without being a lawyer

The professions we are about to discuss briefly in our article doesn’t make it mandatory to attend law school. Each of these professions has its own perk.

  1. Paralegal: Chances are that you have come across this term before but aren’t sure about its operations. The work profile includes researching legal problems and preparing legal documents, i.e., will, contracts, deeds, etc.). You are required to assist your clients.
  2. Legal Secretary: All the administrative tasks of a lawyer are handled by legal secretaries. You shall be required for working stable hours in exchange for a hefty amount.
  3. Jury Consultant: You’ll be required to assist the litigation attorneys in selecting a jury. This profession is currently witnessing high demand, especially in high-stake cases.
  4. Law firm marketer: If you are interested in indulging into creative legal tasks, consider becoming a law firm marketer. Generally, creative people find legal career harsh. But as a marketer, you’re always given space for being creative.
  5. Law Enforcement: You probably know all the possible professions under law enforcement. They can be police officers, analysts, a victim advocate, probation officer or even a forensic scientist. You choose your career as per your passion. There are no limitations.
  6. Mediator: Settling arguments is an art on its own. And when it is conducted in legal environments, it offers greater benefits. Be it an impressive payout you are looking for or regular communication with the world; a mediator enjoys it all.

With the list of some of the professions related to the law but not of lawyers in your arsenal, you can now easily go ahead and pursue your interest as your career. We believe we have been able to answer your question ‘careers in law without being a lawyer.’ If you need any further information or if you wish to clear any of your queries, contact us.