Civil lawsuit statute of limitations are those laws passed by the central or state legislative bodies with a particular aim in mind to prescribe the time period of limitation for raising of action against offenses caused to an individual or group. The statute of limitations generally decides the time limit within which a case is to be filed against the accused. In case of failure to adhere to that time frame, all the related cases are to be considered void. Depending upon the intensity of the civil or criminal lawsuit, the duration of the statute of limitations can vary, and it is important that the laws are followed likewise. In case you are looking for an extensive help, you can contact Civil Rights Attorney.

civil lawsuit statute of limitations
Civil lawsuit statute of limitations

Civil lawsuit statute of limitations – How it works?

In civil cases, just like criminal incidents, the statute of limitations puts a limit on the time period. It is within this specified period that any of the legal cases are to be filed. Generally, you cannot file a case against the accused once this statute of limitations is over. Let us look into the possible scenarios.

  • No claims are to be filed once the set time period is completed. When the case is filed after the set time period, no legal actions are to be taken from your side. 
  • On the expiry of the statute of limitations civil lawsuit, the courts generally lose their jurisdiction. 
  • Most states in the US have a statute of limitations for civil cases that ranges anywhere between 1 and 6 years. 

Statute of Limitations Examples – Types of lawsuit

It’s important to understand the different statute of limitations present in the legal environment. The two most common are a criminal statute of limitations, and the other one is civil lawsuit statute of limitations. Let us check them out in brief:

  • Civil Lawsuit: A civil lawsuit is filed based on non-criminal mistakes, such as disputes resulting from accidents or contract-related quarrels. Civil suits aim of recovering money rather than to imprison the accused.
  • Criminal lawsuit: People who commit incidents that promote crime; for example, murder, rape, etc., are to be treated under the criminal lawsuit. Their statute of limitations is different than the person accused of a civil massacre.
Statute of Limitations Civil Lawsuit
Statute of Limitations Civil Lawsuit

Statute of Limitations Civil Lawsuit – Best prolific of this lawsuit

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