Different Kind of Lawyers – Distinctive Types & Category


Different Kind of Lawyers, there are many variant lawyer as a single lawyer cannot provide legal services of all type. A lawyers’ job is highly specialized and requires focus and experience in a particular practice area. Knowledge of contrary kind of lawyers helps an individual to choose a qualified lawyer for his legal requirements. This information is also useful for students aspiring to be a lawyer so that they can choose their specialization. You will help you to get full information about expungement lawyers also. So let’s get started.

different kind of lawyers

different kind of lawyers

Different Kind of Lawyers – Categories of Law

There are innumerable specializations in law, but these specializations come under two broad categories criminal law and civil law.

Criminal Law – It deals with people accused of committing a crime. Lawyers dealing in criminal law work on both sides as to bring a criminal to justice and as to protect the rights of the accused and ensure a fair trial.

You can find three main types in criminal lawyers: 

  • Prosecutors – They work on behalf of federal, state and city governments. They prosecute suspects. They work for law enforcement and take cases to trial.
  •  Public defense lawyers – They also work for the government. They are often assigned to people who cannot afford a defense lawyer. They work to defend their client and negotiate the best terms in case of a plea bargain.
  • Private defense lawyers – They are the same as public defense lawyers, but they work for a fee and have much higher salaries.

Civil Law – It covers all matters other than crime. It is a very broad subject of law, with countless specializations falling under three categories:

  • Corporate Law – It covers specializations related to companies such as Patent law, Tax law, Contract law,  Zoning regulations, and land use law, Bankruptcy, Securities law, and Real estate law. They ensure that businesses are operating legally and help in documenting contracts and structuring business practices.
  • Civil Litigation Law – It deals with cases involving a complaint by one party against other or a fair legal judgment or compensation.
  • Family Law – It includes divorces, adoptions and custody issues. Family lawyers work in the interest of their clients. They often try for an out of court settlement to avoid court. 

Types of Lawyers and Salaries 

The following are a few of the many Different Kind of Lawyers in the United States:

  • Public Interest Lawyer.   They represent individual clients who cannot afford private legal representation through non-profit organizations. They are also involved in promoting legislation to reform the legal process.  Public interest lawyers work for nonprofits or governmental agencies with very low salaries. 
  • Government Lawyer.  There deal with every single aspect of government within each level of government.  They assist the government in operations and advise on important matters. 
  • Private Sector Lawyer. They work for private companies and law firms on a variety of legal matters. These lawyers earn more than public sector lawyers.
  • Trial Lawyer.  There are civil and criminal trial lawyers. A trial lawyer may focus on an area like corporate law or medical malpractice.  These lawyers decide whether they want to focus on criminal law or civil law trials. The procedures followed for each type of trial are very different. Here is the some information about types of lawyers and salaries which helps you to solve your problem.

This is just a broad classification of Different Kind of Lawyers. There is a huge list of specializations falling in each category. For more information, please ask questions at Online Attorney