DUI Attorney Atlanta : If you are facing DUI charges in Atlanta, you will need a good DUI attorney. DUI stands for driving under the influence, and if caught, will result in arrest. If your BAC or Blood alcohol levels are over 0.8, you will be charged with DUI. Just for your understanding, at over 0.25% BAC your mental and physical functions are significantly affected. If you want to know more then you can contact DUI Attorneys.

The laws related to DUI are very stringent. The reason for this strict law is to keep people safe on the streets. Finding yourself in a situation with the law related to a DUI offense is not unheard of. Most people never suspect that it can be so serious before they get arrested. 

DUI Attorney Atlanta
DUI Attorney Atlanta

DUI Attorney Atlanta – When is a DUI charged ?

When you are charged with a DUI in Atlanta, the very first thing you need is a good lawyer. Mentioned below here are a few recommended Atlanta DUI Attorney. The normal procedure of being charged and arrested for DUI is being produced in court. In court, the arraignment will be read to you, which is the indictment charges against you. 

Following this, you will give your plea, guilty or not guilty. This depends on the course of defense you or your attorney chooses. Your attorney will decide based on the circumstances of your case which plea to go with. 

Steps related to a DUI arrest in Atlanta

  1. If your BAC is over 0.8 when driving in Atlanta, you will be arrested if caught. 
  2. If you’re arrested, you will be brought before a magistrate for arraignment and your plea. 
  3. Following that, you will be informed of your legal rights by the court. 
  4. If you do not have a lawyer, a public defender will represent you. 

DUI Attorney in Atlanta – Hiring a Good Lawyer

Hiring a good DUI attorney Atlanta will make all the difference to your case. A good attorney in Atlanta, experienced in DUI’s will guide you. He/she will examine the details of the indictment against you, and act accordingly. There are many things that a good attorney will do to attempt to get the charges reduced or acquitted. Here you can also find details about dui lawyers near me . 

Atlanta DUI Attorney
Atlanta DUI Attorney

Atlanta DUI Attorney- Recommended Attorneys

Atlanta DUI lawyer group are experienced at doing things such as attacking blood test results and illegal arrest or stops. They have a long history of challenging, reducing and overturning various DUI offenses.  They are expert attorneys available to help you. 

Bert W Cohen is an experienced DUI Attorney Atlanta. He has an excellent reputation as a top notch DUI attorney in Atlanta. His clients give him raving reviews, and he does provide excellent results as well. Thorough and professional, he is an experienced attorney capable of working wonders. 

David Schnipper is a well known and recommended attorney in Atlanta. He will put your mind at ease and get you the best results possible. There are numerous clients of David who vouch for him, this is evidence that he is good at handling DUI cases. 

Joel Carlton Pugh is a very highly recommended senior lawyer. He comes with a long list of clients who swear by his knowledge and capabilities. Known for his aggressive approach legally in getting charges reduced, he is a good lawyer to consider.  

It is possible to beat a DUI, regardless of your BAC and other evidence. What really matters is the experience and knowledge of your attorney. If your attorney is very experienced, he/she will manage to fight your case well and get you off. For more information related to an experienced and good DUI attorney Atlanta, reach out to our home page attorney vs lawyer .