DUI in Arizona first offense is not taken lightly by the law authorities. It is illegal for a person to drive a vehicle under the influence of drugs, liquor, vapor or a combination of these. Arizona is listed among some of the toughest states to have the strictest laws for DUI convictions. This all information we have gathered here by DUI lawyer near me.

dui in Arizona first offense

If the BAC index exceeds 0.08%, the person is charged with DUI under the laws of Arizona. The person is also guilty of DUI if he or she is impaired with the consumption of drugs or intoxicated. It’s also counted if it’s her or his first time DUI offense in Arizona. This also includes some legally prescribed over-the-counter medicines.

DUI in Arizona first offense- Penalties imposed

The DUI in Arizona first offense or class 1 misdemeanor is booked when a person has a BAC stat of 0.08%. The penalties imposed for the first time offenders are of Arizona dui statute:

Is a dui in arizona a felony or misdemeanor ? Arizona dui laws first offense:——

  • Driver license suspension of a duration of 90-360 days
  • Imprisonment for a maximum duration of 6 months
  • The imposition of a base fine of $250 that can extend till $2,500 including fees and fine
  • Possible probation for a period of 3 years
  • The court of law may order to install an ignition interlock  device 
  • Some severe cases may also require comprehensive alcohol or drug assessment and the defaulter might be sent to an intoxication education class
  • The defaulter might be subjected to community service for a certain period of time

DUI Arizona First Offense 2020- Help from a DUI Lawyer

A DUI lawyer can help you in many ways to protect your employment and credit rights in the future.

  • Advise you on your statements – An experienced DUI lawyer can advise you when you need to give a statement and when you should keep quiet. Any wrong move can give a chance to the prosecutor to grill you savagely. 
  • Proceedings – A DUI lawyer is adept in keeping up with the upcoming deadlines, documentation, and procedures in mind before representing the case in the court of law. You can file case under DUI Arizona first offense 2020.
  • Understands the working of the local courts – A DUI attorney will definitely have very good knowledge about the proceedings and working of a courtroom. Choosing a lawyer with relevant experience with juries, judges, and local courts can prove to be beneficial for you.
  • May expunge the conviction – An efficient DUI lawyer can also help you by expunging your conviction and preventing your reputation by getting tarnished in the public arena.
                                     DUI First Offense in Arizona

DUI in Arizona first offense: The importance of hiring a lawyer

One million people were arrested in 2016 for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), this is the case. In the same year, there were 28 percent of deaths due to alcohol-related accidents. Most road crashes are caused due to driving under influence.

If you’ve been in a drunk driving crash, you’ll need to hire a DUI defense lawyer to represent you. Here is an overview of the main reasons why you should hire a lawyer for DUI in Arizona first offense.

  • The DUI Lawyer Will Assist You with Getting Your Driver’s License Returned
  • A reputable DUI lawyer will assist you with obtaining a reduced sentence.
  • A DUI Attorney Would Save You Money
  • A well-known prosecutor would be seasoned and have a track record in winning lawsuits
  • He or she can also evaluate the evidence that is available to protect you easily
  • If you work for an experienced DUI attorney, your case will be dismissed.
  • Experienced DUI lawyers have contact with the judges

Now, let us elaborately discuss the advantages of having an experienced lawyer on your side when you commit DUI in Arizona first offense.

The DUI Lawyer Will Assist You with Getting Your Driver’s License Returned

The driver’s license is often withheld or disqualified after committing many DUI felonies. With the support of a DUI advocate, you will have someone who will work tirelessly to reduce the fines and get your license back. When it comes to getting your license back, a DUI advocate will protect and help your case in front of the state board of motor vehicles.

A reputable DUI lawyer will assist you with obtaining a reduced sentence.

The consequences in a DUI scenario can differ based on the circumstances.

  • When you’re a repeat offender, the consequences will most likely vary from time to time. 
  • If you’re a first-time criminal, the prosecutor will make a plea for you. 
  • However, in comparable circumstances, you would need to hire a reputable DUI lawyer to protect you.

A well-known prosecutor would be seasoned and have a track record in winning lawsuits. Additionally, an experienced attorney will assist you with obtaining a shortened sentence. DUI cases are difficult and severe. That is why you should deal with an experienced solicitor who knows what they are doing and is familiar with the legal system.

A DUI Attorney Would Save You Money 

Experience is crucial. In this scenario, a DUI counsel can still find a way to navigate the justice processes.

  • He or she can also evaluate the evidence that is available to protect you easily.
  • When faced with a DUI lawsuit, the finest lawyers will know what to do and will examine it, and ensure that the case is dismissed. 
  • In a jury, you would have saved time and money. Because of their training, a DUI solicitor would be able to assist you extensively.

If you work for an experienced DUI attorney, your case will be dismissed. And if it means paying the premium he or she is demanding, an outstanding DUI solicitor is worth recruiting. If your case goes to trial, you’ll need to hire a lawyer who specializes in DUI litigation.

The lawyer will use his or her previous expertise to represent you to help you win your lawsuit. It’s possible that once you employ a lawyer, the lawsuit will be dropped.

Experienced DUI lawyers have contact with the judges

Most DUI lawyers have a close working relationship with the judge’s office. It is important to maintain a friendly relationship in order to see your DUI in Arizona first offense lawsuit dismissed. There are times where attorneys and judges collaborate to reach an agreement that is beneficial to all sides. It’s great news for you that your charges could be reduced.


DUI First Offense in Arizona- Top 5 DUI Law Firms in Arizona

DUI cases can be really complicated and taxing rather when it comes to DUI in Arizona first offense. So, you should consult the best in the state to get rid of your conviction as soon as possible.

  1. R&R Law Group – This is one of the most reputed law firms in Arizona. The expert team of lawyers is well-versed with the formalities and proceedings of the DUI cases. You can rely on their expertise for you or your loved ones DUI case.
  2. Laboy Law Office – This law firm has some of the best lawyers associated with them. This farm is specially and only associated with DUI first offense in Arizona They believe in handling every case with due care and diligence. They understand the public image of their and handle cases accordingly.
  3. Matthew Lopez Law – If you are looking or a reputed law firm in Arizona that can handle your DUI first offense, this can be the one for you. Their attorney team has a thorough knowledge of the courtroom proceedings and ensure proper documentation and filings.
  4. Munoz Law Office – Munoz Law Office has been serving the clients for many years now and has still managed to make its position in the top 5 law firms in Arizona. They have a very good track record of successful DUI case closures in their favor.
  5. Law Offices of Brian D Solan – The experienced lawyers associated with this law firm believe in handling every case with an aggressive approach. They understand the plight of their customers and work hard to set them free as soon as possible with their immaculate working. 

People often take first time DUI offence in a casual way, but it can harm the person, in that case first time dui offense in Arizona can help you. Contact the professionals with us to know more about DUI in Arizona first offense by clicking the link of our home page.