Some Important Facts and Consequences of DUI in New Jersey

DUI in New Jersey is considered a misdemeanor in most of the states in the USA. But the laws of DUI charges in New Jersey are very unique compared to other states. In New Jersey, DWI and DUI come under two headings which are unlike the other states. 

New Jersey has a separate DWI heading that treats it differently from DUI. In New Jersey, one will be charged under DUI if the blood alcohol concentration level is .08% or more. But if an incoherent driving pattern is observed or suspicion arises that there may be chances of an accident a DWI charge will be placed.

Important Facts about DUI laws in New Jersey

Here are some important facts about the DUI Laws applicable in New Jersey

  • A young man called John died in an accident in a collision by a drunk driver, who was drunk even after being released from prison. In 2005 a law named ‘John’s Law’ which was named after this young man. This law allows the police to seize the car or the driver in question for at least 12 hours of the time period.
  • If the driver in question refuses to take a breath when stopped under DUI suspicion this evidence will be presented in the court. It can amount to a high penalty reaching to almost $1000 per year for three years for the first and second convictions in case of DWI charges. It can rise to $1500 if a third conviction is proved.
  • New Jersey has another unique law under which the court can order a suspension of the license and the Department of Motor Vehicle has no role in it. 

Consequences of DUI charge in New Jersey

The consequences of the DUI in New Jersey are:

  • In most of the other states of USA, drivers under the age of 21 must have a BAC less than .02% whereas in New Jersey it is reduced to lower than .01%. In New Jersey when a driver of age 21 is charged with a DUI case, the license can be suspended for anywhere between 30 to 90 days of the time period and mandatory community service of about a month needs to be performed.
  • For commercial drivers, this is an exceptional display of irresponsibility. The commercial license of the driver in question can be suspended for as long as one year. The basic license will be suspended from anywhere between 3 to 12 months. 

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DUI cases can be very tricky and expensive in New Jersey. It is wise and also advisable to consult an experienced DUI attorney in order to have a timely settlement of the case. For more details on DUI in New Jersey connect with the experts .