DUI in PA is one of the most asked questions by drivers of all age. In many cases, people are not really aware of the DUI laws in Pennsylvania and the fines and penalties associated with the same. For making things easy, we better start with the standard definition of DUI. Get in touch with dui lawyer near me.


What it is? The abbreviation DUI stands for “Driving under influence’ . Simply put, it is the practice of driving while in an intoxicated state. More information kindly check dui charges in pa.

All over the world, drink and drive is a universal offense. Every year, more than 300 such accidents have been recorded across the globe. The traffic department of the USA has been spending thousands of dollars just for the sake of spreading awareness of this menace. DUI Lawyers In PA is certainly an offense that can lead to extended jail time, depending upon the intensity of intoxication you had brought unto yourself.

DUI In PA – How does it works? 

Unlike other crimes where you would be prosecuted and might even be put behind bars at the first instance, in cases of dui in pa, pa dui law changes, the Pennsylvania government wouldn’t send you for jail time. However, that only depends on whether you were drunk driving and the traffic controller caught you. This might lead to penalties.

However, if you were drunk and ended up hitting anyone, be ready to add imprisonment as part of your resume. Let us check out how Pennsylvania deals with drink and drive cases:

  • During your first offense of driving under influence, you won’t get a jail sentence but need to pay $300 as fine. If you refuse to go through the chemical test, you shall be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID’s) to your car’s ignition system. What’s an IID? Well, it’s a device that doesn’t let the engine start off until the drive exhales alcohol-free breath into the IID.
  • How to avoid jail time for 2nd dui in pa——-When it’s your second instance of getting caught in a DUI scenario, you might be charged with 5 days to 6 months jail sentence. Again, everything depends on the current scenario. Penalties shall be anywhere around $300 and $2500. And guess what’s worse? Your license might also get restricted for a limited period; generally, 12 months. It is during this time that you would need to install the IID into your car.
  • 3rd dui in pa—- The third instance is generally regarded as the final warning. This time the authority shall deal with the scenario with a strong attitude. You might be sentenced to jail for anytime between 10 days and 2 years. Your license is suspended for a 12 months period, and the IID installation is a must.

New DUI Law In PA : Everything you should know about

It’s worth knowing that the Pennsylvania government has implemented a series of penalty tiers. These penalties are dependent on your BAC score. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content.

  • The three tiers of BAC prevalent in PA are 08, .10 to .159%, and .16 or higher.
  • People under the age of 21 are advised not to exceed 0.02% in BAC if they want to avoid any penalty.
  • For people above the age bar of 21 years, the maximum BAC that is to be considered legal is 0.08%.

Dui Penalties In PA – What penalties await you on chemical test refusal?

There are instances when people would prefer to reject the authority of trying chemical tests onto the accused. Now the law related to dui penalties in pa has some strict announcements to make. If anyone refuses to go through a chemical test, then according to Pennsylvania’s implied consent law, his/her license would automatically be canceled, and the person should pay a hefty fine straight away. You should also know dui charges in pa.

  • For the first instance of your Refusal to take the test, your license shall be banned for a year.
  • For the second instance, 18 months license suspension deal would be initiated.
  • For the third time of test refusal too, the driving license shall be ceased for 18 months.
  • It’s worth noting that we have listed the laws and regulations as per the current order. However, such legal aspects are subjected to change over time. This is why it is necessary that you consult a legal professional when you need assistance related to new dui law in pa.
DUI Lawyers In PA
DUI Lawyers In PA

DUI Lawyers In PA

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We believe that you are now aware of the DUI in PA. It’s often easy to get carried away and be prosecuted. In such instances, our list of legal professionals dealing with DUI in PA shall come to your help. In case of any query regarding the same call us. We suggest you to visit online attorney as well for further on PA DUI statute.