DUI lawyer Greenville SC is essential for hiring every DUI case. Similar to all other states in the USA there are strict laws that come into action when a driver is accused of driving under alcoholic influence. If proven guilty the driver stands the risk of the suspension of the driving license and many other penalties. You can follow DUI lawyer for more information.

DUI lawyer Greenville SC

If the blood alcohol content is .15% or higher or if the driver refuses to a field sobriety test then license suspension is the most probable outcome. In case a driver refuses to give the test the license will be automatically suspended for a period of six months leaving apart the other penalties of course.

DUI Lawyer Greenville SC- Different category and their charges

DUI charges in Greenville SC depend upon various factors. The different categories of DUI charges in criminal dui defense lawyer Greenville SC are:

  • Aggravated DUI: This is synonymous with a felony charge, a term that is used in most of the other states. A DUI can be considered aggravated if it happens near a school zone or if the driver is drunk while driving a school bus. 
  • Drugged Driving: Alcohol is the main element that can cause a DUI charge. But apart from that, it can happen if the driver is under the influence of Schedule I or Schedule II drugs, does not matter even if they are legal.
  • DUI Accidents: If an accident is caused due to drunk driving a felony DUI charge can be pressed making the situation worse.
  • Property Damage DUI: If any other vehicle or public property is damaged due to intoxicated driving this charge will be pressed. The fines for this charge can be very high. 

DUI lawyer Greenville SC

The consequences of a DUI or driving under influence can be serious. Retaining a DUI defense attorney is the best bet if you have been charged with DUI and choose to battle the charges or reduce the fines.

Only seasoned DUI defense lawyers can help you develop a strong defense, convince the prosecution to mitigate or dismiss the charges and save your driver’s license from being revoked. But when should you hire one? Let’s check out.

If There Isn’t a DUI Case

Any information gathered after the arrest could be considered inadmissible if the police officer has no lawful reason to pull you over and arrest you, even if he did not follow the proper legal protocol when doing so. The DUI lawyer Greenville SC firms are skilled in analyzing arrest files and testimonies in order to find ways to get the evidence suppressed.

When to Retain a DUI Attorney?

Right away after being arrested for a DUI, you can call upon a respectable DUI defense counsel. Remember the following:

  • You have the right to stay quiet during a police interview. 
  • If you take the breath exam, you can seek legal counsel from an experienced DUI defense lawyer.
  • You only have ten days to appeal an administrative license suspension after a DUI detention in most cases.

Choosing an Attorney

DUI law is complicated, and you would have a better chance of having your lawsuit diminished or dropped if you hire an expert DUI defense attorney. Hiring an accomplished DUI lawyer Greenville SC would give you the best chance of getting the outcome you want. Remember that you don’t have to go to a jury trial to reap from hiring a DUI trial lawyer.

Prosecutors recognize who might take a lawsuit to trial and who will not, therefore hiring a seasoned DUI trial counsel can help you.

What kind of experience do you have managing DUI cases or going to trial on DUI charges?

When you are charged with DUI, you are likely to be angry, worried, emotional, and afraid of the consequences of the charges and/or a verdict on your professional and personal life.

Since the sentences for a DUI conviction have been exceedingly harsh in recent years, you must restrain from hiring just any solicitor without ample experience prosecuting DUI litigation in the court where your DUI charges are pending.

If you find a DUI lawyer who has the following features, you’ve probably met someone who can aggressively and skillfully defend you in your DUI case:

  • A long experience of defending clients convicted of DUI
  • Has won multiple DUI cases at trial
  • Focuses his or her practice exclusively on DUI and DUI-related cases

In your DUI case, what kind of investigation would the lawyer conduct?

In a DUI case, a detailed prosecution entails a thorough examination of all records and facts provided in favor of the allegations leveled against you. Things such as incident accounts, witness testimony, and Breathalyzer or blood test results can be included in these records.

DUI lawyer Greenville SC would almost certainly invest a considerable amount of time looking into every aspect of the circumstances leading up to and after your DUI detention. This method of thorough investigation will aid the attorney in evaluating the facts against you and developing the best legal strategy for your case.

DUI attorney Greenville SC– Why one need them?

A DUI lawyer Greenville SC is an expert who can effectively handle a DUI case. The reasons for appointing a best criminal defense attorney in South Carolina in DUI are:

  • Defense from charges of a felony: In DUI cases if an accident causes bodily harm or death of another person then the penalties are much more serious than just simple DUI charges. In such a case a Greenville dui lawyer can assure that his or her client can still exercise his rights under DUI and can work on the post-penalty serving period to regain life back.
  • To understand the law: The laws of DUI vary from state to state. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you in understanding the complex legal proceedings of the case making the entire process smoother. You can also check dui lawyers near me.
SC DUI Lawyer
SC DUI Lawyer

Best DUI lawyer near me -Top 5 Best DUI lawyer Greenville SC

Looking for an experienced and highly qualified criminal defense lawyer to handle your DUI case in Greenville SC? You may check the details for dui lawyer in Virginia. Have a look at the top 5 dui lawyer near me in South Carolina or free consultation criminal defense lawyer here are:

  1. The Bateman Law Firm Dui Lawyer – Mr. Bateman comes with a long experience that he uses while fighting for his clients. Clients’ reviews say that they have seen very difficult cases being turned into success.
  2. The Laubshire Law Firm, LLC – They provide an instant case review in the first free consultation that is provided by the company. Their services are available24/7. It houses some of the best South Carolina dui lawyers.
  3. Strom Law Firm, LLC – This law firm was established in the year 1996 and has been one of the best law firms in South Carolina. Mr. Storm has been a former U.S. attorney and uses his expertise in handling DUI cases in Greenville SC.
  4. Susan E. Williams-Attorney at Law – This law firm takes care of the fact that they have enough compassion for the clients. If you are searching for best dui attorney near me, then do consult this firm. They have lawyers who are experts in DUI charge defenses. The customer reviews say a lot about the company.
  5. Law Offices of H. Chase Harbin, Greenville, South Carolina, USA:  The law firm prioritizes the need and interest of its clients. They specialize in DUI defense cases. It is one of the best law firms in South Carolina.

Being accused under DUI can be stressful, but that does not mean there is no way to get over it. With the correct support, the favorable results are waiting just at the doorstep of your lives. Get in touch with experts at our home page online attorney to know more about DUI lawyer Greenville SC.