DUI lawyer in New York, many think that it is not necessary to hire or talk to a dui lawyer when faced with such charges. If the field sobriety tests go well, people think that they have been saved from the legal hassles. But the DUI laws in New York like most other states are complicated. In such situations, if a person decides to take proper help from an experienced DUI/DWI Attorneys the process will become smoother.

DUI convictions can become really severe, and one can be asked to a fine of up to $5000 accompanied by a 4 years sentence in jail. License suspension for a year can be done as a part of the penalties. The driver can be asked to install an ignition lock with his or her own money.

dui lawyer in New York
Dui lawyer in New York

DUI Lawyer in New York – How to find a good attorney

  • Guide – The top rated dui lawyers near me will explain his or her everything related to DUI charges from the scratches thus giving a proper picture of the situation in question. An expert attorney will help run the case much smoother. 
  • Representative of your Case – If a person faces a situation where he or she is asked to pull over on the suspicion of being drunk while driving the first thing that is to be done is ask to speak to the lawyer. It is advisable not to answer or discuss anything with the police officers. When charged with DUI in New York one must talk to a lawyer from the state of New York. 

DUI Attorney in New York – How to find a good one?

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing the dui lawyer in New York case

  • Experience: opt for someone who has solid experience. Use the internet to do the research.
  • Meeting: It is important to be comfortable with the lawyer, therefore meet before deciding.
  • Reviews: Read up as many reviews as possible. In that way, a fair idea can be formed.
  • Track record: Look up the past records and assess the rate of success for better decision making.
Top Rated DUI Lawyers Near Me
Top Rated DUI Lawyers Near Me

If you want an attorney, you’ll need someone who can effectively represent your case. When it comes to selecting the appropriate lawyer to assist you, it is critical that you be aware of a few things beforehand. It is critical to get the services of a DUI lawyer in New York who can assist you in removing your drunk driving record. It’s time to evaluate the issues to think about before choosing a DUI lawyer.

Always consider the following factors before hiring a lawyer, irrespective of the type of case you are fighting:

  • Expertise
  • Their relation with previous clients
  • Size of the law firm
  • Client reviews
  • Are their charges reasonable?
  • Seek referrals
  • Experience of the lawyer

Now, let us discuss this in detail.


When looking for a lawyer, it’s critical to look into their entire qualifications and experience. Only a qualified lawyer can comprehend your suffering and the demands you have of the court, which is why you should seek a lawyer that can genuinely assist you and is knowledgeable in the subject.

Their Client Relationships

You should talk with your lawyer before choosing one so that you can determine how well they understand your case and how much time they can devote to it. You’ll need to choose someone who can readily comprehend you, benefit from your connection, and with whom you can chat about everything.

The Firm’s Size

This is an essential aspect to think about. To comprehend, you must first grasp the size of a business in order to determine how much time and attention they will devote to your case. A small firm will be more committed to your case, and vice versa. Choose a business that will provide you with the appropriate level of comfort and attentiveness.

Reviews by the client

Checking out testimonies is simple nowadays. You can simply check out the relationships and abilities of a DUI lawyer in New York who will be the ideal fit for your needs by visiting their website.

Are their charges reasonable enough?

If you need to employ an expert, you already know the cost would be high, but there are a few companies that offer their services at a reasonable rate. When looking for a DUI lawyer, take into account their experience as well as their budget.

Inquire about referrals

If you have never dealt with a legal professional who specializes in DUI law, you should consider seeking recommendations from reliable sources. An excellent referral will assist you in locating the attorney you require to handle your case.

When selecting a DUI lawyer, this is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Ensure that your attorney is highly skilled and experienced in dealing with DUI matters. Make sure he or she is familiar with the applicable rules and regulations, as well as how to deal with law enforcement and insurance companies.

Experience in dealing with DUI cases

DUI cases differ from other types of cases, therefore your DUI lawyer should have expertise dealing with them. Also, your DUI lawyer in New York must have prior courtroom and adversary experience. He or she should be able to boldly bargain in court and do whatever it takes to save your back.

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Top Rated DUI Lawyers Near Me –Top 5 lawyers in New York

  1. Law Offices of Wilson Antonia LaFaurie – This is a multi-faceted company with huge success in several criminal offenses brought against innocent citizens. The firm provides a free consultation where the client can ask for advice.
  2. Law Office of Aaron Wallenstein – You can request for a case evaluation even before you directly jump in to fight the case. With their top-notch guidance make your chance at winning better.
  3. The Law Office of Lance Fletcher – This firm houses some of the best attorneys of New York City. According to past clients, their aggressive defense in the courtroom makes them a very popular choice. They also provide 24/7 assistance.
  4. Law Office of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC – Home to one of the best DWI/DUI lawyers in the USA Mr. Steinberger is known for his expertise and immense experience as a former prosecutor. Avail their free consultation for the best advice.
  5. Raiser & Kenniff, PC – This form was voted as the best law firm in the USA in the year 2018. It has a group of former prosecutors who work round the clock to bring out the best results in a DUI case.

Hiring a good DUI lawyer should be considered as an investment and not expenditure. A Dui Attorney in New York is the best person who can help you at this hour in successful closure of your case. Get in touch with the experts at Online Attorney to know more about DUI lawyer in New York.