DUI Massachusetts First Offense is categorized as OUI (Operating Under Influence) in Massachusetts. Even the first offense is treated with great severity, is a dui a criminal offense in Massachusetts? The penalties imposed on DUI convictions can financially cost very high. If you want to know in detail about those penalties and the other punishments, DUI lawyers are here with all the first offences for you.

dui massachusetts first offense

In case of aggravated situations like having a child in the car while drunk driving, can result in a very harsh consequence. Even for a first-time offender, the probation period can be as long as a year. DUI in Massachusetts first offense is also countable one for a person who is unaware of the law for this crime scenario, when it comes to get a chance to meet with an accident as well. A license suspension of about 45 to 95 days can happen in Melanie’s law Massachusetts.

DUI Massachusetts First OffenseConsequences

You cannot afford to take your first DUI offense lightly in Massachusetts. You might face some harsh consequences, Massachusetts dui laws:

  • Cancellation or Suspension of Driving License – A first time offender will have his or license taken away for almost a period of one year by the administration of Massachusetts. Even after the completion of that period a hardship license can be obtained only after three months of additional probation.
  • Rehabilitation Courses – Generally, on payment of all the fees and fines, the driving license prohibitions are lifted by the authorities. But in aggravated situations, mandatory schooling for drug and alcohol abuse programs is also given to a first-time offender.
  • Ignition Interlock Device – In some cases, the accused can be ordered to install an ignition interlock device and pay for it. It has to be maintained properly in order to retain the license.

OUI cases Massachusetts- Some important facts of OUI charge?

If you are caught for DUI Massachusetts First Offense on a public road while being drunk an OUI charge can be pressed against you. 

  • Identification of the Defaulter – The court is obliged to prove the official identity of an accused before any proceedings take place. This is fairly easy, and the testimony of the police officer at the spot can serve the purpose for OUI cases Massachusetts
  • Evidence of Driving – There should be enough evidence showing that a motor vehicle was being operated by the accused standing for the trial. An experienced lawyer can actually exploit this point for the benefit of his or her client.
  • Public Area – The prosecutor is obliged to prove that the incident happened in an area open to the general public. A clever attorney can turn tables through this point also if he can somehow prove that the area was not a public one.
  • BAC Stats: The prosecutor will have the responsibility to prove the authenticity of the BAC and also prove that the driver was not in the state of driving because of being intoxicated by drug or alcohol. This all are comes under DUI Massachusetts first offense.
Massachusetts DUI first offense penalty
Massachusetts DUI first offense penalty

Massachusetts DUI first offense penalty- Where to go for legal advice?

The turns and twist of law are not for the general public to understand. People involved with drink and drive crimes never be escaped from Massachusetts DUI first offense penalty ever. That is exactly why one must take the best help available:

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