Extreme DUI Arizona first offense is one of the strictest in the entire USA. Any DUI charges when pressed can have some serious consequences. It can even affect the people in your life. There are different levels that are functional for the DUI laws in Arizona. The two different categories of cases are extreme DUI and super extreme DUI. If any one of these two charges is present against a driver’s name, then the consequences are very different from that of a simple Arizona extreme dui plea. Extreme DUI first offense in Arizona is not an easy task to handle. You will definitely need an expert to consult with in DUI/DWI Attorneys.

extreme dui Arizona first offense

Extreme DUI Arizona first offensePenalties of first DUI offense

When caught under the Extreme DUI first offense Arizona, the driver will be asked to take a blood alcohol level test. In case the level is equal to or higher than 0.15% then an  super extreme dui AZ first offense will be pressed.

  • License suspension: When caught under the suspicion of extreme DUI charges, even for the first offense, the license will be revoked for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Probation: For the first time offenders the probation period can be as long as 5 years. When the circumstances are worse, they can even be imprisoned for the duration of 30 to 180 days. 
  • Fines: The fines that will be imposed on the driver will depend on the circumstances of the incident. The BAC will play an important role in determining the fine.
  • Counseling: Mandatory schooling will be a part of the sentence if proven guilty for extreme DUI Arizona first offense. Defaulters can be sent to rehab for alcoholism.

Arizona DUI penalty chart- What to do?

There are laws, and they provide several options for you to fight such a misdemeanor DUI Arizona. Arizona dui penalty chart is very long sheet. Have a look at the following for a better picture:

  • Come out of the myths: Many people are of the opinion that if somehow the BAC does not measure 0.15% or more at the scene a charge cannot be pressed. But if it is measured within two hours of handling the vehicle and mark has reached the point you run the risk of being charged.
  • Permissible field sobriety test: When caught on suspicion you need to take a breath analyzer test or a blood test. But you can always refuse to a field sobriety test that does not prove impairment in extreme DUI Arizona .
  • Statements: Avoid giving any formal statements without consulting your lawyer. This will prevent you from getting trapped in the never ending series of investigations.
Super extreme DUI Arizona first offense

Super extreme DUI Arizona first offense- Where to look for help?

It is best to take professional help for proper legal dealing to happen on your behalf what happens for your first dui offense. Don’t need to take a easy decision for super extreme and extreme DUI first offense in Arizona:

  1. The Law Office of James E. Novak: The law firm specializes in DUI offenses and will help you in super extreme DUI Arizona first offense. Mr. Novak has remained a former prosecutor. The free consultation provided by the law firm is something that clients can avail for good advice.
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  3. Munoz Law Office P.C.: The law firm has a perfect AVVO rating of 10.0. They house some of the best attorneys presently engaged in the business. They have experience of 10+ years.
  4. Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan: This law firm focuses only on vehicle-related cases. Mr. Sloan has a long experience and expertise in this domain. The law firm prioritizes the need of the client and ensures victory.
  5. Law Offices of David A. Black: Mr. Black is one of the top rated attorneys in Arizona. the law firm has a perfect rate of 10.0 in AVVO. They are a client focused firm and ensure to provide the best possible services.

Knowing the guidelines of such a charge is the only way to fight the case with courage. Since making a mistake is an integral part of human nature does not think you have no right to lead a normal life. Just ask for help. To know more about the extreme DUI Arizona first offense get to the home page by following this link.