Florida workers comp exemption law excludes sole proprietors, members of limited liability companies or any real estate member. Individuals work for having a good lifestyle and work plays an important role in our life as it will provide us with money from which we can purchase food, cloth, shelter for our wellbeing. But safety is also important. That is the reason when we join any organization, we first apply for workers compensation insurance that is done so that if in any case you get hurt at your workplace then you can recover the amount of medical expenses from that insurance. Employment lawyers can also help you to get all your doubts clear more than basic information.

But if in any case you are not done with your insurance then you can’t get any amount of compensation and you have to pay all the expenses from your pocket. Many individuals are exempted from the workers compensation.

Workers comp exemption form Florida will help you in getting the amount while you met any of the accidents at the workplace. It will help you in saving the money and if in any case you can’t get back to work for sometime then you can cover all your lost wages.

florida workers comp exemption
Florida workers comp exemption

Florida Workers Comp Exemption – What is workers compensation exemption?

We know that we work so that we may have a good lifestyle. But wherever we work there are some safety issues that is the reason there are so many states which completely make it necessary for the businesses to carry their workers compensation insurance.

But if the business owner or supervisor wants to exempt independent contractors for the insurance they can do so. This means that the individuals which are exempted from the insurance won’t get any sort of compensation if they get hurt or sick from their workplace. Florida workers comp exemption exempts sole proprietors, independent contractors and corporate officers for workmen’s compensation insurance.

Though if an individual gets exempted from workers compensation it may help in saving the insurance cost of yours but there it involves a lot of risk. If you are a sole proprietor and your state has exempted you for not carrying insurance for yourself so you have an option to apply and get an approval for exemption. If you want to know more about insurance cost, compensation and law, the best option is to contact insurance lawyer as they will able to guide you better.

In any case you are working in your organization and got hurt but as your health insurance does not cover the cost of medical expenses because the hurt has occurred at your workplace. Though you are not having any workers compensation benefits then you cannot get any sort of amount for your personal injury and you have to pay that amount from your pocket.

Workers Comp Exemption Florida – Who all are exempted from these exemption

There are some cases when the employees get hurt in their workplace, they get workers compensation benefits for their medical expenses but still there are some jobs which get Florida workers comp exemption from that coverage. Workers rights lawyer will also help you out to get exempted from the compensation.

This may include:

  • Farm workers
  • Volunteers
  • Government workers
  • Shop owners
  • Railroad employees

Moreover. There are some states that exclude employees from getting benefit of workers comp that are:

  • If an individual has any mental health issue which is not caused by their work.
  • They got some severe hurt when they were out of the work
  • They got some injuries because they got involved in some of the public fights.

How to get Florida workers comp exemption?

An officer of a corporation is exempt from workers comp insurance; this will exclude the officer from getting the benefit of insurance. Employers choose to get exempt from workers compensation policies which will help them in saving money on their premium.

Some of the followings points that will help you in understanding who all can apply for exemption that are:

  • Organization have to get registered with the Florida department of state
  • Applicant have to be the officer of the organization
  • There is no fee for application
Workers comp exemption form Florida
Workers comp exemption form Florida

Workers comp exemption form Florida – Business proprietors for qualification

State of Florida Workers Comp Exemption decided to exempt the firms that recruit few employees in their organization. Or they exempt the firm which has employees for nominal days or for few days like agriculture or agents that work in real estate; they both are exempted from workers compensation because of their nature of work.

Some of the contractors which organizations hire so that they can guide the employees or give some expertise tricks are covered under the exemption. It depends on the state laws that how they use to exempt employees for workers compensation.

  • States that exempt them from workers comp are:
  • Partners
  • Members of limited liability companies
  • Sole proprietors
  • Corporate officers

Workers Comp Florida Exemption – The Process

If you want to apply for a Florida workers comp exemption then your business has to go through the screening process in your state. After the process you have to apply for renewal or exemption by filling an application or “Notice of election to be exempt from workers compensation”.

Some of the important documents that you need to provide while filing for exemption that are:

  • Information of the employee
  • Details about the business also the type of work you are doing
  • License
  • Proof that you are the only owner
  • Contact number for your works compensation insurance carrier

After the whole process if you get approval then you will receive the certificate of election to be exempt from workers comp. This way you may get the answer how to get a workers compensation exemption in Florida?

Filing Florida workers comp exemption

Workers Comp Florida Exemption implies that filing for workers comp exemption process is completely done online. The state doesn’t accept fax forms.

How to qualify for workers comp exemption Florida

If a business owner wants to qualify for workers compensation exemption then he has to complete a form with their agency and pay them some fee for filing that application

Moreover, if a business owner wants, he can buy insurance for their workers who don’t qualify for Florida workers comp exemption. For example – if you are the owner of a real estate agency and you are a sole proprietor you have recruited 20 agents and 9 employees. Then in obligation of workers comp will be as follows:

  • As you are a sole proprietor then you can apply for your own exemption
  • As you have hired some independent contractors then they don’t need any insurance from your side
  • But you have to buy insurance for the 9 employees that you have hired for your work

Florida workers comp exemption is necessary for ones future security that in any case if the person got hurt or injured in the workplace then they can get some mount for the medical expenses they are going from.

That is the reason it is necessary but sole proprietors and independent contractors who are not hired for permanent work are exempted from such types of benefits because it is provided to those people only who are working permanently in the firm.

Division of Florida workers comp exemption welcomes you with our online service to submit the notice of election to be exempt. Applying can help you in renewal of an exemption, modifying the application or printing of the certificate.

The fees for construction industry exemption is $50+$1 for a service fee that is to be done by Visa Mastercard where prepaid cards are also available or it can be from a savings account. The person has to agree to all the terms and conditions whenever applying for an exemption.

The division of Florida has only the authority for processing and approving for the workers comp exemption application forms.

The application which is submitted after 7:30PM will be received by the division the next day. It takes them 30 days from the date of submission of the application to determine whether you will be eligible or not to be exempt.

There is an application form where you have to provide your email id in section 1 it will help us to notify you that your certificate has been approved.

State of Florida Workers Comp Exemption
State of Florida Workers Comp Exemption

State of Florida Workers Comp Exemption – The main requirements

  • Non construction supervisor if they have 4 or more employees, they have to provide Florida workers comp exemption insurance to their employees.
  • Construction industry owners if they hired 1 or more then employees then they have to provide them with the insurance. State law of Florida states that no independent contractor can be there in the construction industry.
  • If the construction workers want to hire any subcontractor then they have to ensure that subcontractor has workers compensation insurance or if not coverage then he must have a valid exemption. If in any case an incident happened and the subcontractor got hurt then the contractor has to pay all the expenses of medical bills and everything’s still, he gets back to the work.
  • Members of limited liability companies and corporate officers can be exempted from getting any benefit if they file an application for workers comp exemption. In such a case if they get hurt in the workplace then they have to only pay all the expenses from their pocket. This article will give you a better understanding of the process of workers compensation exemption.

If you have any queries then you can visit Online Lawyer. It will help you to clear all your doubts related to Florida workers comp exemption.