How long does an employee have to report an injury is the first question every injured employee thinks the first after meeting with an injury. Thousands of accidents and miss happenings take place every day at the workplace. Some of them are regular, while some are of a serious nature. A workplace injury is an incident that happens to an employee during the official working hours. It is essential to report the management about any injury, even if it doesn’t seem too serious initially. Many times such incidents give rise to internal injuries which erupt as a problem later on. How long does a federal employee have to report an injury? A employee should know the procedure before hiring any lawyer in United States. This topic comes under employment lawyer program.

How long does an employee have to report an injury

How long does an employee have to report an injury?- Reporting the Incident

The Worker’s Compensation Laws advise the employees to report any workplace injury with a short span of time like 30 days. This doesn’t mean that in failure to do so; they will be barred from reporting an incident. How long does a federal employee have to report an injury? if a person be aware of that then that person needs to submit the report form within 30 days or 10 working days and he/she might have the chance to get a compensation or any kind of reimbursement by the law of Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP).

How long does an employee have to report an injury? In many cases, the employees are also allowed to report the incident within 90 days. And in case of cumulative trauma or occupational disease, an employee can report the incident and can file a claim up to 12 years. In case your medical condition is getting worse after the first claim you can request to reopen your file within one to three years of time or how long does an employer have to file a workers’ comp claim.

Employee did not report injury in a timely manner- Types of Workplace Injuries

  • Trip, Slip & Fall – These are the most common types of workplace injuries which should never be taken lightly. Slippery floors, falling from ladders, etc. can be the major causes behind them.
  • Strains – Another very common workplace injury is straining. You might strain your neck by working continuously for long hours. Or might strain your back while lifting up heavy objects.
  • Lacerations – Any deep cut or deep skin tear due to working on sharp equipment can lead to serious injuries like lacerations and cuts. Employees working in a manufacturing factory are prone to such injuries.
  • Inhaling Poisonous Fumes – Employees working in a manufacturing factory are also vulnerable to eyes and skin injuries pertaining to inhaling toxic fumes.

In above mentioned points you get to know about workplace injury types, also somewhere you need to know about employee did not report injury in a timely manner. Because if you don’t file a case regarding your injury at workplace in time it may cause of the rid of compensations.

How long does an employee have to report an injury at work- Important Tips for Receiving Compensation

Mere reporting of the incident won’t solve the purpose. You need to take care of other factors as well and pa workers’ compensation rights and responsibilities. Also you need to be specific about how long does an employee have to report an injury at work, if you are facing such incidents.

  1. Witnesses – Look for some witnesses who were present at the time you got injured at your workplace. They can play a vital role in filing the claim for injury.
  2. Medical Attention – Consult a doctor immediately on learning that you have developed an injury. Inform your supervisor to take you for a medical consultation.
  3. Give Details – You need to explain the entire incident correctly and give other relevant details to the employer as soon as possible in writing.
  4. No Statement – Avoid giving any written or verbal statement to the authorities without asking your lawyer. Remember the employment committee can try tactics to get you in this. 
  5. Medical Appointments – Don’t miss your medical check-ups as these will form the basis of your injury claim filed with the management. before the question arises how long does an employee have to report an injury.
Delayed injury report

Delayed injury report- People you can Turn to Report the incident

  1. Immediate Manager – The first person to report the injury incident is the immediate manager. The manager to whom you report on a daily basis should be aware of the exact incident that took place in the office premises.
  2. HR Manager – The Human Resource Manager is the one who is responsible for the safety and security of the employees. He should be given a written intimation of the entire incident. One delayed injury report can turn the situation out of you hand.
  3. Top Management – If you feel that your agony is not given heed by your manager and HR head, you can also report the incident to the top management officials. 

Workplace injuries can prove to be fatal if not given due care and medical attention. It is essential to be attentive to your surroundings and report any injury incidents. You can visit our home page for more information on on how long does an employee have to report an injury.