How long is the statute of limitations? if this is your query then please keep on reading. The time periods to which the statute of limitation in the USA extends to is different for different states. It also depends on the nature of the crime the accused is guilty of. Before we go further into the topic, it’s important to understand this specific legal term. You can also contact dui lawyer near me to get clarification about it.

How Long is The Statute of Limitation
How Long is The Statute of Limitation

The statutes of limitations are certain laws that have been passed by the legislative bodies of the common law systems. Their aim is to set the maximum time limit after any event. It is within this time frame that the legal proceedings should be initiated.

How long is the statute of limitations –How does it work?

Depending upon a certain scenario, how long is the statute of limitation can vary widely from each other. So, what happens when the statute of limitation is over? 

  • In case, the period of time specified in the statute of limitations is over, any claim could no longer be filed. Even if it is filed, the case is likely to be canceled or discarded. This mainly happens if the case is filed after the completion of the statutory limitations period. 
  • In case the statute of limitation in a criminal case expires, the courts don’t have the jurisdiction anymore. 

Statute of LimitationsFacts regarding States

How long is the statute of limitations in criminal cases, disallow the prosecution of the accused of an offense that had occurred before the specified time period. Such laws can be varied, and often, they are complex ones. 

  • Some of the states have multiple tiers of felonies. These states also have a different time set for each type of offense. While in the case of other states, there aren’t any criminal statutes of limitations in place at all.
  • However, depending on the vitality of a specific case or other factors, the tolling of the statute of limitations is possible. This ensures the temporary suspension of the statute of limitations. This acts as a paused time clock. This When does this happen? Well, the halt in the statute of limitation generally occurs when the accused goes into hiding.
How Long is The Statute of Limitation
How Long is The Statute of Limitation

How Long is The Statute of Limitation– In different States

  1. Alabama: Felonies: 3 years. However, the number may vary in cases of capital offenses, violent offenses, forgery, arson, counterfeiting, and drug trafficking 
  2. Alaska: Felonies: 10 years. However, there aren’t any statute of limitations for cases related to murder, attempted murder, felony sexual abuse, kidnapping and crimes committed against minors.
  3. Arizona: Felonies: 7 years for Class 2 through Class 6 felonies; no statute of limitations for capital offenses.
  4. Arkansas: Felonies: 6 years for Class A or Class Y felony; 3 years for other felonies. There aren’t any statutes of limitations for murder cases or for rape cases when proved.
  5. California: Felonies: 6 years for all capital offenses including murder; 3 years for lower-level felonies.
  6. Colorado: Felonies: 10 years for capital offenses including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, treason, forgery, and sexual assault; 3 years for other felonies.

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