How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost? Times have changed and now, getting bail from the jail is a lot easier than it had ever been. One can immediately hire a bail bondsman, pay a small fee, get a bail bond prepared, and that’s it, the accused gets a release in exchange for showing up in the court on scheduled visits. However, ‘how much does bail bond cost?’ is a question that bothers the most, and this concern is evident; paying out of one’s pocket without knowing its credibility and whether or not the amount paid is going to get the work done or not, is indeed a matter to worry about. Please contact Employment attorney for more information.

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost

So this post is set up to help those who are searching for the bail bond process and want to know the payment details to hire a bail bondsman. With the conclusion of this post, one can find a simple and accurate answer to how much does bail bond cost?

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost – Process

What is a Bail?

A ‘bail’ is an amount set by the legal authorities for the release of an accused from the jail. This amount can be paid by the accused directly or through a bail bondsman. The amount is usually very high and must be paid upfront by the accused. Due to this, many prefer to hire a bail bondsman and pay a small amount for their release.

All About the Bail Bond Process :

The bail bondsman charges a small percentage of the total bail amount called as ‘premium,’ which is usually non-refundable and then will put the bail application in the court. Upon acceptance, the accused is given a release from the jail, provided he revisit the court on the scheduled appointments.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

Here comes the primary concern! Without beating around the bush, let us directly jump to the point. According to the State/Federal laws in the US, a bail bondsman can charge between 10% and 20% of the total bail amount. The average amount is 10%, but it increases by 15% for Federal charges, and 20% for other specific cases.

For example, if a person’s bail amount is $10,000, then a bail bondsman will charge a $1,000 as a non-refundable premium. The rest of the amount is secured through collateral and returned if the accused fulfills the court requirements on time. The amount also depends on the type of case filed against the accused. For instance, Federal charges are expensive in comparison to other cases.

Hence, the answer to the question how much does a bail bondsman charge depends on the bail amount of the accused; because whatever be the bail amount, it’s 10% on an average is required for the release. To get further information about the costs and payment plans, fill in the contact form given below. know more about how much does a bail bond cost click on the link of online attorney for more information.