How to fight a DUI without a lawyer is a frequently asked question. Driving under Influence is a specific criminal offense when a driver is probably intoxicated in some form or the other. The influence can be caused by alcohol intake or drug abuse. You can go through DUI lawyer for further details.

how to fight a dui without a lawyer
How To Fight A Dui Without A Lawyer

The criminal offense is filed when a driver is incapable of driving safely on the road because of a high level of intoxicants in the blood system. This is referred to by many different names in different places. But charges can be brought in all cases if caught guilty  and How to fight a dui without a attorney.

How To Fight A Dui Without A Lawyer – Important Options

As it is a serious criminal offense, winning without legal support might be a difficult deal to make. When a free dui attorney is consulted, the chances are that the options of defending become clearer. This can, however, clear some air around how to fight a DUI without a lawyer :

  •     Preparing Legal Arguments – That since you are representing your own case, prepare your arguments well in advance to prevent yourself from getting baffled in the cross-questioning.
  •       DUI evidence – You can make your case stronger by proving that your car was pulled over by the police officials without any solid evidence against you.
  •       Faulty Breathalyzer – You can argue that the police officer failed to wait for 15 minutes before prescribing a breathalyzer test to you. This point also stands valid if you can prove that the machine was out of order or produced faulty results.
  •     Fault due to diet Intake – People who follow the Atkins-style diet or are suffering from hypoglycemia or diabetes, have a probability of having faulty reading on the breathalyzer.
  •         Medical Conditions – Some serious medical conditions like heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux can influence the breathalyzer results. You can prove your point if you are suffering from any such medical issues.

How To Fight a Dui Without A AttorneyLegal Procedure

  •       Legal Stoppage: Many believe that officers can ask a driver to pull the car as per personal wish. That is completely wrong. There must be a legal reason for the officer to stop you. For example, if an officer charges the driver with ‘weaving’, the driver must immediately see whether it happened within the designated lane. If so know that t is not an illegal act.
  •       Miranda Rights: Note if the officer read out to you your Miranda rights. If not you can actually probe to have your  dui case dismissed.
  •       Challenge the field test done on you:  If you are being pulled on suspicion of being drunk, you must show obvious external pieces of evidence for the same. But if you have bloodshot eyes because of some allergy or have a medical condition, you can challenge the accuser.
DUI law firms
DUI law firms

DUI law firms :

  1.       Kessler Law firm, Florida: This firm has provided the clients with record winning services for over 32 years now. Criminal defense lawyer Michael Kessler is known for helping people who were unnecessarily arrested on charges of drunk driving.
  2.       Reynolds Defense Firm, Portland, Oregon: This firm is completely dedicated to fighting false how to fight a DUI without a lawyer charges. The CEO himself has a history of being wrongly charged for a similar reason at the beginning of his career, and that pushed him to found DUI law firm.
  3.       Vijay Law, San Jose, California: If you open the website the first thing that will grab attention is ‘Vijay=Victory.’ The law firm has the facility of free consultation. Vijay Dinakar the attorney who founded the firm has records of winning cases which were highly unfavorable for his clients.
  4.       Harper and Harper, Valparaiso, Indiana: This law firm mainly operates in Northwestern Indian. It has a 24/7 customer service which is a huge reason for it being a favorite among clients. It also provides a free consultation.
  5.       H Law group, Los Angeles, California:  This law firm has offices all over California and helps their clients specifically facing DUI charges. It houses some of the best dui lawyer in the country. The best part of this firm is flexible payment options.

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