Is a DUI a felony in Florida? Many people want to know about this. The fact is that drunk driving is one of the most serious offenses in Florida. Also known as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), the first time offenders can be penalized with a sum of $1,000, 6 months of jail and around 50 hours of community service. The penalty depends upon the situation of the incident. It is essential for the citizens of Florida to abide by the laws of the state in order to prevent yourself and the other person from getting hurt and losing your driving license forever. Is DUI in Florida a felony? DUI is referred to as a “Wobbler Offense.” The court of law can charge the driver according to Florida felony dui statute either as a felony or misdemeanor depending upon the evidence of the case. All are under DUI and DWI attorney for gather more about Florida’s felony laws.

IS a DUI a felony in Florida

Is a DUI a felony in Florida

IS a DUI a felony in Florida- What is the DUI Law in Florida?

DUI and DWI are the same thing and the official name in Florida is DUI. IS a DUI a felony in Florida? According to the DUI laws of Florida, misdemeanor is a criminal offense, a person is involved in a drunk and driving case when he or she is driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol range of .08%.

A breathalyzer test can be performed to determine the actual alcohol level in the blood by the authorized police official. If the stats are above the legal limit, the officer can also arrest you immediately.

Is DUI a felony in Florida? In case the blood alcohol count exceeds .15, you might face some harsh punishments under the Florida DUI law. For instance, the initial penalty is around $500-$1,000, but if the counts exceed .15, the fine shoots up to $1,000-$2,000.

DUI in Florida is it a felony?- Felony charges under DUI Florida

DUI in Florida is it a felony? Generally, the first drunk and drive offense is considered a misdemeanor in Florida. However, depending upon the circumstances, a DUI can be considered as a felony. Being charged for a DUI felony can land the defaulter in jail for several years and the fine can go up to thousands of Dollars.

If a person already has 2 DUI convictions in his name, within a period of last 10 years, he or she shall be charged for DUI felony in Florida. And this shall continue irrespective of last felony charges. Every time the punishment gets harsher, and the penalties go higher.

If a defaulter’s DUI case results in some injury or serious property damage, he or she can face some severe felony charges. If the defaulter accidentally kills someone while driving under alcohol influence and choose to stay the crime scene, he or she could be penalized with a fine of $10,000 plus up to 15 years of imprisonment. So then you all can find answers for is a DUI a felony in Florida.

Is DUI in Florida a felony

Is DUI in Florida a felony?- Top 5 Felony Lawyers in Florida

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