Is a DUI a Felony in Georgia? All across the USA, there are very strict laws regarding the DUI charges that can be pressed against a suspicious driver. As careless driving can result in a major accident, DUI laws are followed strictly all over. The general law states that a breath analyzer concentration of .08% or more than that throws one in the risk of having a DUI case given against him or her. In Georgia, this is dealt with particular harsh methods. the punishments are generally tougher compared to the other states so much, so that staying in good contact with a successful lawyer is very important. The all details comes under DWI lawyer.

Is a DUI a felony in Georgia

Is a DUI a Felony in Georgia?- Steps and Rules

What can elevate a misdemeanor to a felony? If you asking question is this, then here the answer is, in Georgia, a misdemeanor can be changed into a felony mainly depending on three major factors. The circumstances under which this can happen are as follows:

  • Causing fatal injury or death: If while driving under the influence of alcoholic substance results in serious physical harm to another individual or in worse cases if there is a casualty because of such action the charge would be that of a felony when the question arises is a DUI a felony in Georgia?
  • A ‘high-risk operator’: Driving is also a profession for many. So in cases when other people’s lives depend on the driver, he or she is responsible for their safety, for example, a school driver who transports students as a daily routine. In case they are caught driving drunk it will be considered a felony.
  • Multiple offenses: If there is a record of a 3rd DUI in 10 years of the first two it will be considered as an aggravated misdemeanor, and a 4th will be considered a felony.

DUI process Georgia- Consequences of a felony charge in Georgia

Is a DUI a Felony in Georgia? Yes, and the consequences can be severe for how many DUI is a felony. It depends upon the DUI process Georgia.

  • Severity: The fines being sky high, long periods of suspension of driving license, harsher prison sentences, can include community service and rehabilitation.
  • Punishment for causing physical injury or death: In case of death the action will be considered a homicide. It can result in prison time of at least two years.
  • Lifelong effects: A felony charge can leave a lifelong effect even if the penalties are completed. The offenders will not have access to firearms. They might it difficult to get a decent job. Security clearance will always be at stake. One can be stripped of voting rights as well if he or she does not an approved reinstatement.

Now When does a DUI become a felony? Its also a vital question. Obviously, a DUI be felony when the drunk driving will be a reason for harming other person or injuring them, in order to Georgian law the caused person can punished to go to jail also.

Is a DUI in Georgia a felony

Is a DUI in Georgia a felony?- Top Law Firms in Georgia

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When does a DUI become a felony? This question make people to think about the wrong doing more. Georgia takes DUI offense seriously, and one is always at the risk of being charged for a felony. So one must use the best help by follow us on our home page and understand is a DUI a Felony in Georgia to ensure better compliance of DUI laws.