Is DUI a felony in Colorado? Like most other states DUI, is treated as a misdemeanor by the state of Colorado. But then again the kind of charge that will be given for a particular incident depends completely on the nature and complexity of. Want to know more details then contact DWI lawyer.


Is DUI a Felony in Colorado

Is DUI a Felony in Colorado

Now in Colorado is a dui a felony charge and a DUI Colorado have very separate consequences. The sentences given on a felony charge is naturally much more severe than DUI charges. 

Is DUI a felony in Colorado- Detail facts

Is DUI in Colorado a felony? Keep reading on to know more:

  • When a driver crosses the bar of three and is accused of irresponsible driving the 4th a felony charge would be pressed. 
  • In case while drunk driving an accident is caused resulting in fatal injuries or even death to a victim the driver will be charged with a felony.
  • There are certain points to be aware of while discussing aggravated is a dui a felony in Colorado :
  • If a person is charged with the 4th case of misdemeanor due to DUI it will automatically become felony charges. Now in such a case, all previous DUI cases will be taken into account that is DUI a felony in Colorado charge was pressed in some other state that will also come under consideration.
  • The punishments for a felony in Colorado can be quite harsh. But with the help of a well-experienced attorney, the length of the sentences can be reduced if not rejected. 

Is DUI in Colorado a felony- When DUI is consider as misdemeanor?

Following are the instances where a DUI is considered as a misdemeanor or how to get out of in Colorado is a dui a felony:

  • The person is the first timer. That is the person has never had a prior DUI charge pressed. 
  • Have prior DUI charges but not more than two. In such a case, the circumstances will be taken into consideration before it is determined whether it can be a simple DUI charge.
  • There was no accident that occurred during the time when the charges were pressed. 
  • No major fatal injuries were caused to anybody in and around during the phase of careless driving.
Is a dui a felony in Colorado
Is a dui a felony in Colorado

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Having a proper understanding of the felony charges can end up saving one’s life’s course and reputation. So go to the right person when are facing one, and come out successful. For more information about is DUI a felony in Colorado; get in touch with the experts at our website attorney vs lawyer .