questions to ask workers comp lawyer

It can be tough choosing the best workers comp lawyer for your case. With an increasing number of law firms, people often fall in traps of the profit-based organization, losing the case in the end. The victims usually do not know what important questions to ask a workers comp lawyer before hiring to defend your case. If you want to save your money, time, and resources, you need to research appropriately and ask questions to yourself and your lawyer before hiring him/her

Here are a few questions to ask a workers comp lawyer before hiring:

  1. What is your consultation fees?
  • Lawyers who agree for no win no fee cases, do not charge in advance for consultation. However, if they do, you should know their charges beforehand to avoid a conflict with the lawyer. During the assessment period, question the workers comp lawyer and see if he has what it takes to help you win the case.
  1. Who will represent me?
  • The experienced workers comp lawyer you initially talk to at the firm may be for advertisement purpose. A less experienced, junior associate attorney will receive your case. In such cases, the probability to lose the case increases. You usually have a say in who as your lawyer would defend you, and so you need to be well-informed about them.
  1. What is your experience with such cases?
  • Enquire about the lawyer’s experience with such cases and how many had he been successful with, and what were the drawbacks in the ones that he lost. Ask for references, but don’t depend solely on them.
  1. Are You Prepared for a Trial?
  • If a lawyer is in favor of settlements outside the court, you might reassess. Although most of the cases don’t hit the trail, it is essential to know that your lawyer should be able to defend you in the court. Presence of an opposition lawyer may make the case more complicated.
  1. When Will You Start?
  • Ask the workers comp lawyer for the time frame when he would start working on the case. All lawyers are expected to begin their work within two weeks of being hired. He should also keep you informed about his course of action.
  1. How Involved will I be in the Proceedings?
  • Based on personal preference, you can take part in the proceedings. However, it depends entirely on the lawyer. If the demand occurs, he may allow you to participate in the trails. Relying on the lawyer for such decisions is okay.
  1. What Other Fees Do You Charge?
  • Ask him about the workers comp lawyer fees during the consultation period. Workers comp lawyers don’t charge unless they win. However, you may have to pay a small fee called the legal fees that the lawyer will invest in the case. For example, if he spent $3000 on the procedures and the contingency fee is $10000. Then his total expenses become $13000.