Raleigh DWI attorney is required when one is found Driving While Impaired. What this means is, the same as DUI or Driving under the influence. This means that any individual found under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not supposed to drive. If a person is charged with DWI, he/she needs to consult with a good attorney, who will assist in the situation. So here we will provide you with the best information about DWI lawyer , who will help you in assisting these kind of cases.

Raleigh DWI Attorney


The consequences of being charged with a DWI can result in a whole list of unpleasantness. These could be a criminal record, community service or even jail time, suspension of their license for 30 days, substance abuse treatments, etc. All this can happen to an individual even before their trail. As you can see, having a lawyer is essential when charged with a DWI. 

Raleigh DWI Attorney –What will a good DWI lawyer Raleigh do?

A good Raleigh DWI lawyer will begin with understanding the charges brought against you. The circumstances of the incident where you were charged with DWI. Finally, he/she will look for loopholes and other ways in which he/she can challenge the charges brought against you. 

In many cases, your best DWI attorney Raleigh NC will investigate the evidence and the circumstances. Based on his/her findings, he/she will then challenge the charges. This happens more often than one would think because it works. Often because of challenging charges, the charges are reduced or dismissed. Even in cases where the evidence is inappropriately handled, that evidence can be dismissed. 

A person can be charged with Raleigh DWI attorneys if this sequence of events occurs;

  1. If an intoxicated person is found driving
  2. Any vehicle that requires a permit or license to operate
  3. Operating vehicle on street, highways and public area for vehicles
  4. With any intoxicating substance in their blood over 0.08%

Raleigh DWI lawyersWhat happens when charged with DWI?

To know what will happen in a DWI, it depends on the incident. If this is your first DWI, it is possible that you will get off with a reduced sentence and/or a light fine. However, accident lawyers in raleigh, nc, it really does depend on the nature of the charges, and the situation at the time of apprehension. A good Raleigh DWI lawyer may get your charges reduced to lesser charges, with lighter penalties. 

Additionally, it also depends on how many prior DWI arrests or offenses you have. If this is your first offense, you will definitely be considered for a lesser penalty than if you have been charged with DWI before. Depending on the number of DWI charges, the applicable penalties will be levied. The best course of action is to get yourself an experienced DWI lawyer. 

Raleigh DUI lawyer
Raleigh DUI lawyer

Best DWI Attorney Raleigh NC

Kirk Kirk Howard Cutler and Thomas LLP has been representing people of the Raleigh region since 1957. They have successfully defended countless DWI clients with integrity, commitment, and wisdom. With endurance, they protect their client’s rights and are a good choice of Raleigh dui lawyers to consult with. 

Matheson & Associates PLLC provide their clients with high quality legal representation since 2010. They are professional and knowledgeable. They have challenged numerous DWI charges successfully with a dedicated team of lawyers who represent clients. You can consider giving them a call.  

Cheshire Park Schneider has been representing clients in DWI cases successfully since 1978 in the Raleigh region. They represent clients in various areas of the law such as criminal charges, business crisis management, appeals, etc. They are definitely a good choice to consult with regarding DWI charges. 

Dewey P Brinkley is an experienced DWI lawyer who has ample trial experience and knowledge. He has successfully defended clients, and in many cases got them reduced sentences and dismissed charges. He is a good choice to speak with regarding any DWI charges. 

These are some of the good Raleigh DWI attorney available in your region. If you want more information related to raleigh, nc lawyers or other good legal firms, you can reach us via our contact form. We will respond to your query quickly. You can visit our home page for related information.