Slip and fall attorney Los Angeles, you should be aware of a few things first. The cases of slipping and falling are quite common, and if you are injured due to any such incidents, that is something to be worried about. However, for your welfare, there are certain legal proceedings that will help you get compensation for your slip and fall injuries. Contact Injury Attorney to know more about slip and fall cases.

In legal terms, if you suffer any injury due to slip and trip cases, you are entitled to seek compensation under ‘premises liability.’ This is a legal term, which makes the owner of property responsible for the safety of people who access it. Now, before you seek the help of a slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles, let us discuss the types of liabilities you might claim for.

slip and fall attorney los angeles

slip and fall attorney los angeles

Slip and fall attorney Los Angeles – Why need consult ?

In legal matters, you must have been into the following three scenarios in order to seek compensation. In case you find yourself to be trapped into any of these three, feel free to consult any Los Angeles  slip and fall lawyer.

  • In case the property owner was responsible for the development of any hazardous product that has caused you injury, you are entitled to a compensation.
  • Maybe the property owner already knew of something dangerous like snow-covered lawn, but it was left ignored, and you were never warned about it. In such cases, you can ask for compensation.
  • Maybe the property owner’s distraction caused a slip and fall. For example, you were sitting at the lawn and listening to music with your headphones on, and suddenly the land-owner’s car hit you. This is a pure case of slip and fall.
slip and fall Lawyer Los Angeles

slip and fall Lawyer Los Angeles

Slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles – Top Law Offices

  • Gary K. Walch, A Law Corporation: The Law Corporation is headed by Mr. Gary K. Walch, and he is assisted by his team of specially trained attorneys. They are specialists in terms of slip and fall injury compensation. After providing years of service, they are among the rarest law firms in Los Angeles that have earned an overall 5-star rating.
  • Slip and Fall Lawyer Los Angeles: The Los Angeles  slip and fall lawyer is yet another eminent trip and fall injury attorney firm with an amazing track record. They have managed to earn more 5-star ratings than any of the firms as old as itself. You can certainly trust them in the courtroom.
  • The Reeves Law Group: The Reeves Law Group is among those rare attorney firms in the Los Angeles area that has a reputation for securing 100% case wins. Their tactical strategies in the courtroom have earned the praise of many law pundits. In fact, some of the members of this firm have been into this profession for multiple decades. Their excellent service has earned them more than 30 5-star ratings.
  • Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich: Mr. Gibalevich is well-known for his amazing knowledge of the law and tactical expertise. Now that he has arrived into the scene with his entire team, it’s just time’s play that all his clients would return home with a smile. With many years of brilliant experience under their belt, the Law Office of Daniel A. Gibalevich has been rated 5-star more than 25 times.


With the list of professional attorneys provided to you, you can now contact them at any point if you feel so. When it comes to slip and fall attorney Los Angeles, there aren’t many attorneys better than the names listed above. If you need any more information on such attorneys, feel free to reach out to us and contact Online Attorney for more information.