Slip and fall attorney Miami has been on the rise for the last few years? Considering the increasing cases of slip and fall, many countries have come forward to take stern actions against the culprits. The property owners and managers of restaurants, malls, shops, stores, etc. have been instructed to maintain safe premises for the people, free of hazards. For more information, contact Injury lawyers .

In case of any slip and fall incidents, the victim has the right to hire a professional slip and fall attorney to claim the full amount of damage caused due to the recklessness of the owner. Such instances leave the victim with the financial burden of their medical care, loss of income, suffering, and pain. This amount can be claimed from the owner of the premises by filing a lawsuit against him.

Slip and Fall Attorney Miami
Slip and Fall Attorney Miami

Slip and Fall Attorney Miami – Some Common Personal Injury Claims

  • Slip and fall incidence due to a wet or slippery surface
  • Injury due to a broken sidewalk
  • Injury resulting due to escalator breakdown
  • Any instance of falling due to a broken railing
  • Instances of slip, trip, and fall on the snowy or icy sidewalks

Slip and Fall Lawyer MiamiImportant facts about the slip and fall cases

  • Premises Liability – As per the principle of premises liability, it is the prime responsibility of managers, property owners and event management to keep their premises safe for the people visiting it. For instance, quick actions should be taken in order to wipe dry the wet floor. In case of an accident, the owner shall be financially liable.
  • Medical Care – The injuries caused due to slip and fall incidents cannot be underestimated. You never know when you can suffer from serious internal injuries. The victim in such a case can claim for loss of income, medication, etc. by appointing a slip and fall attorney Miami
  • Limited Time – A victim has to file a slip and fall case within two years of the incident. In case of any serious injury which has made the victim bedridden, the attorney can take actions on the victim’s behalf.
Miami Slip and Fall Attorney
Miami Slip and Fall Attorney

Miami Slip and Fall AttorneyTop 5 Slip and Fall Attorney

  1. Wolfson Law Firm, LLP – This is one the best slip and fall attorney Miami. If you are searching for a law firm that can handle your case with top priority and high integration, your search ends here!
  2. Gerson & Schwartz, PA – The highly qualified Miami slip and fall attorney here are well versed with the entire legal procedures followed in the court of law. They have an experience of successful out of court settlement of slip and fall cases.
  3. The Mustell Law Firm – You can completely rely on the professional team of this law firm. You can rest assured regarding your financial losses due to any personal injury in slip and fall case. The slip and fall lawyer Miami will make sure you get the best compensation within a short duration.
  4. Hickey Law Firm – The best part about the Hickey Law Firm is that it doesn’t have any commercial motive behind slip and fall cases. The experienced team of lawyers makes sure no stone is left unturned in granting justice to the injured victim.
  5. Law Offices of Suarez and Montero – The firm claims to be committed to helping the victims get every single penny for their damages and injuries. This law office has managed to maintain its position in the top 5 places in Miami.

Accidents don’t come with a warning leaving hundreds of people suffering in pain. Make sure none of your loved ones has to go through this endless struggle to make their ends meet. Refer today for the slip and fall attorney Miami at Online Attorney for easy compensation process.