Slip and fall attorney Orlando – People prefer to consult an experienced attorney for handling their cases. You should not take such incidents lightly as they can cost you dearly. External injuries can be healed up in some days, but you never know if you have developed any internal problems due to this. You may also go through Injury Attorney for more knowledge.

Slip and fall incidents are the ones in which a person trips or slips and falls down on a public property due to clear negligence of the owner. You might not be aware of the fact that you can actually sue the property owner and can demand compensation for all your physical and financial loses.

Slip and Fall Attorney Orlando
Slip and Fall Attorney Orlando

Slip and Fall Attorney Orlando – Where can Slip and fall instances take place?

  • Poor Surface Conditions – Any uneven floor or surface without any warning signs, loose mats or rugs lying unattended on the floor or stairs, potholes, or uneven roads, wet or waxed floors or grease spillage can be considered for slip and fall attorney Orlando case 
  • Environmental Conditions – Any glare caused by direct sunlight or bright light, very poor lighting arrangements, trash or debris on the floor, loose wires, opened drawers, etc. come under the slip and fall considerations.
  • Ladders & Stairs – People are vulnerable to serious slip and fall accidents due to handrails or railings, escalators performance issues, similar cases.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney – Rules to keep in mind while filing a case

  1. The basic: The first and most important thing that one has to keep in mind is whether the owner of the property had any role in the accident, by that it is meant whether the owner knew about or should have known about the dangers the particular area posed to an individual. 
  2. Comparative negligence law: If the owner’s guilt has been established, then there will be a comparative study of what role both the parties had to play in the accident. In such a case, the percentage of irresponsibility will be weighed, and the compensation will be granted or reduced accordingly. 
  3. Was the area reasonably safe? In this, the location of the accident will be tested, and on the basis of witness and expert study, it will be established whether the place was potentially dangerous or not.
Orlando Slip and Fall Lawyer
Orlando Slip and Fall Lawyer

Orlando Slip and Fall Lawyer – Top 5 law firms

  1. The Emanuel firm PA: If you are looking for a law firm that can effectively handle your trip and fall case, this can be the one for you. A team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers is well-versed with legal knowledge and proceedings.  
  2. Tina Willis Law: In case you are in doubt about your case or need some advice and clarification to go about the process this might be the perfect place to contact. They are one of the most popular law firms in Orlando, and you can rely on their expertise for justice.
  3. Law Offices of Walter Benenati: If you are in need of prompt action, hassle-free paperwork and professionalism this place should be in the first in your priority list. The experienced Orlando slip and fall attorney can help you get the maximum compensation for your overall loss.
  4. Coye Law firm: This law firm that was founded in 1991 is known for their prompt services. According to customer reviews, they are respectful and kind towards their clients which make working with them pleasurable.
  5. NeJame Law: The Orlando slip and fall lawyer law firm is admired for the transparency it provides to the clients. The main goal of the firm is to bring out the desired outcome at its maximum potential. They leave no stone unturned to provide justice to their clients.

Life is unpredictable, and accidents may happen anytime. It is essential for you to be aware of your legal rights and duties. For more information about the slip and fall attorney Orlando contact Online Attorney today.