South Florida personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve. Getting into an accident can be traumatizing, primarily when it occurs due to negligence by a third-party. Accidents cause damage not only physically but also on a mental level. Moreover, it even hurts you and your family financially. Many people look for help from the insurance companies, but, in most cases, the insurance claim provided is not enough. So they may further contact injury lawyer near me for more help.

Here is where a personal injury lawyer can help you and your family cover the medical cost and compensate for the physical and mental toll caused by the negligence. Suppose you have been a victim of someone’s negligence and are looking for a personal injury lawyer. Then here is a list of things to know before hiring a personal injury attorney south Florida. 

south florida personal injury lawyer
South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer : Determine your budget

The idea of getting the rightful compensation that you deserve sounds good. However, before you start contacting lawyers and firms, you need to make a budget. Lawyers will not fight your case for free; they have consultation fees, contingency fees, costs, etc. So you must understand how much you and your family can afford to spend on the lawsuit.

Once you decide on a South Florida personal injury attorney, you must make sure you understand the lawsuit’s terms and conditions. Many lawyers prefer to take contingency fees instead of earning money in advance, which is beneficial for both the client and the lawyers.

In a personal injury case, contingency fees are 33% to 40% of the settlement amount minus the lawyer costs. For example, if the settlement amount is 10,000 USD and lawyer costs are 1,000 USD, then the contingency fee will be 33.3% of 9,000 USD will leave you with 6,000 USD and the lawyer with 4,000 USD.

You can negotiate and hire the best personal injury lawyer in South Florida according to your budget and get the most profit in different cases. 

Personal Injury Lawyer South Florida : Do proper market research

Finding a south Florida personal injury lawyer is not as easy as going into a firm or searching in the yellow pages. You need to perform extensive research, make comparisons, and shortlist the best candidates before selecting the right person for your case. Before making the final decision, things you need to look for are lawyer’s licensing, experience, and win percentage. 

Once you have decided on a personal injury lawyer south Florida, you need to learn more about his or her experience. The lawyer should be able to answer all your questions and give you and your case his or her complete attention. 

Make sure you interview your lawyer with questions regarding  

  1. Their experience with personal injury cases
  2. Whether their cases are mostly referrals from other lawyers 
  3. The resources they use for cases similar to yours
  4. Their courtroom experience with lawsuits
  5. Their detailed fees structure 

If the south Florida personal injury lawyer can answer all these questions to your satisfaction and fit your budget, they will be the right person for the job. 


Common Types Of Personal Injury

South Florida Personal Injury Attorney – Accidents covered

Personal injury claims are not all about cars and other motor vehicle accidents. Although these cover most cases, many others come under personal injury claims. The personal injury law is applicable under all or any occurrence where an individual experiences harm resulting from a third-party’s negligence. 

Hence, the south florida personal injury lawyer covers many cases, some of which are:

  1. Car accidents
  2. Boating accidents
  3. Cruise ship accidents
  4. Bus accidents
  5. Truck accidents
  6. Uber/Lyft accidents
  7. Motorcycle accidents
  8. Bicycle accidents
  9. Pedestrian accidents
  10. Slip and fall
  11. Pool accidents
  12. Burn accidents
  13. Nursing home abuse
  14. Medical negligence
  15. Brain injury
  16. Spinal injury
  17. Child injury and accidents
  18. Daycare injuries
  19. Defective products and drugs
  20. Worker’s compensation claims
  21. Construction accidents
  22. Bad faith insurance
  23. Negligent security
  24. Live event injury
  25. Wrongful death

Personal Injury Attorney South Florida – About Settlements

Despite what most people may think, a lot of personal injury cases do not result in trials. There is a high possibility that your case may end up in front of a judge, but there are also chances that you may get your settlement outside of court.

Outside settlements mean a lot of negotiations, mediation, insurance provider’s representation, etc. It usually takes less time for the involved parties to discuss and decide on a fair settlement outside of court. These settlements are generally the first approach that the south Florida personal injury lawyer take, especially in personal injury cases. 

It is also common for many cases to get settled before the filing of an official lawsuit. The defendants usually do this to prevent the negative publicity that comes with the situation. Hence, they try to pay as fast as possible.

However, if your case ends up in the courtroom, it may take a long time to get your settlement. Often, the victim feels the need to accept the first offer presented by the insurance providers as the victim has many medical bills and potential loss of income due to the injuries. 

Before accepting or agreeing on any offers that you get a detailed consultation with your lawyer is extremely necessary. Your south florida personal injury lawyer knows your challenges and will help you get the offer best for you and your family.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida
Best Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida

Best Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida – Compensation list

A south florida personal injury lawyer case can bring significant compensation with the guilty party needed to pay for:

  1. Complete past and future medical expenses
  2. Loss of pay
  3. Property damage
  4. Pain and suffering

Wrongful death cases are a bigger tragedy, and the compensation costs include but are not limited to:

  1. Expenses to cover funeral and burial
  2. Compensation in the form of economic aids and benefits 
  3. Medical expenses before death 
  4. Consortium compensation

There are essential steps common in every personal injury case. However, different cases involve different compensation settlements. There are things like the type of injury, injury, and other factors that influence the settlement claim. You must make sure to discuss and understand the entire settlement from your lawyers. 

Accidents can ruin your finances with substantial medical bills, loss of pay, and take a toll on your physical and mental well being. A South Florida personal injury lawyer will help you and your family get your rightful compensation in the personal injury lawsuit. We will highly be obliged to share our information with you, please contact us at Lawyer near me