Texas statute of limitations personal injury is a law applied by the court of law that includes the timing of filing a lawsuit. A victim of an accident or other personal injuries ideally has a specific time to bring the incident in light of law and file litigation against the defaulter. You can follow dui lawyer near me for more information.

Texas Statute Of Limitations Personal Injury
Texas statute of limitations personal injury

In statute of limitations personal injury Texas can even prevent your litigation from being heard even if it is compelling and strong. Many people consider this law as harsh on personal injury survivors. It is essential that you hire an experienced personal injury damages Texas lawyers to understand the total time given to you by the court of law for filing a case.

Texas Statute of Limitations Personal Injury- Calculate Time Duration

The Texas statute of limitation medical malpractice is calculated as below:

  • Two Years – The Texas statute of limitations gives the victim a time duration of 2 years to file a lawsuit. For instance, if an accident has occurred on 25th October 2013, the plaintiff can file litigation until 25th October 2015.
  • Filing is important not Hearing – Many people get confused between the time of filing a lawsuit and hearing in the court. A plaintiff has two years of time duration to file a case against the culprit, and this limitation has nothing to do with hearing.
  • Delayed Discovery Cases – There are many personal accident cases in which the actual injury is discovered after certain years. An expert personal injury lawyer can help you in understanding the exact time duration and other crucial legal issues associated with delayed 

Texas Personal Injury Statute of Limitations for Accident Cases 

The below-mentioned Texas civil statute of limitations

  • Personal Injury – As per the Texas statute of limitations personal injury, a plaintiff can file a lawsuit for the injuries succumbed due to an accident, within 2 years of the incident. is applicable to most of the motor accidents litigations in Texas. 
  • Property Damage – Property damage claims can be filed within 2 years from the date of the incident.
  • Wrongful Death – If the death of an innocent person has occurred due to a car accident, then his family has a time of 2 years to file a case against the culprit. 
Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations Texas
Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations Texas

Texas statute of limitations personal injury: how can you avoid one?

The term of limitations on most Texas serious injury cases is two years from the day of the crash. That is not, though, a legitimate excuse to put off hiring an accomplished personal injury attorney. Delaying hiring a personal injury lawyer will lead to issues with your case that could be resolved if you hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

  • There is a statute of limitations on a serious injury case. 
  • This particular law establishes a deadline by which a case on your behalf must be filed. 
  • If you can not bring a complaint until the statute of limitations runs out, your case will be dropped, and you will not be compensated for your injury.

Things to remember about Texas statute of limitations personal injury 

In Texas, although most personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of the crash, cases involving city authority agencies must be filed within one year. Calculating the statute of limitations can be a difficult task, and you can seek legal counsel on the statute of limitations in your particular case.

Many people, despite having to make tough choices like finding a lawyer or determining whether to file a case following an injury, see the statute of limitations as a way to postpone such decisions. However, simply because you have the time does not mean you can wait until the statute of limitations is set to pass before hiring a lawyer.

How the Texas statute of limitations personal injury can hurt you?

Here are some of the ways that failure to employ an experienced personal injury lawyer before the statute of limitations expires will hurt your case:

It raises the possibility that the case would be prosecuted incorrectly

In an automobile crash case, for example, it’s possible that the at-fault driver was doing something work-related at the time of the accident. In this case:

  • His company will be responsible for all injuries sustained as a result of the crash. 
  • This legally guilty party will not be included in the case if this evidence is not discovered during the investigation until the statute of limitations expired.
  • Hiring a solicitor just before the statute of limitations runs out provides for a thorough review and the inclusion of other legally guilty persons in the lawsuit.

It raises the possibility of vital facts not being retained for use in court

For example, having images of the skid marks on the road leading up to the point of collision can be useful during a car accident. Those can be wiped away until they are photographed during the pre-suit investigation if you do not employ a lawyer right away.

  • It raises the possibility of useful witnesses’ evidence being lost.
  • Witnesses to the accident can lose track of what happened, have a hazy memory of what happened, be difficult or impossible to find, or die. 
  • When this occurs, the evidence is destroyed, because since the accident survivor bears the presumption of proof, the victim is harmed rather than the insurance provider.

Therefore, by now, you have got the idea of why hiring a lawyer before your Texas statute of limitations personal injury runs out, is important. Continue reading below to know more.

Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations Texas- Top Law Firms 

If you too have suffered some serious loss due to the negligence and rash driving of others, connect with the Texas statute of limitations personal injury lawyers.

  1. Baumgartner Law Firm – This law firm has some of the most successful and experienced lawyers in their team. You can take an appointment and discuss the details of your case, and they will come up with some of the most effective solutions for you.
  2. Mullen & Mullen Law Firm – Your search for a reputed law firm in Texas might end here. Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has an expert team of statute of limitations personal injury lawyers who are well-versed with the Texas personal injury statute of limitations and can help you in getting justice. 
  3. Tate Law Offices, PC – This is one of the most popular law firms in Texas. They have extensive experience in handling personal injury, car accidents, wrongful death, spinal and brain injury and many more cases.  You can completely rely on their expertise. 
  4. Sutliff & Stout Injury & Accident Law Firm – If you are looking for a reliable law firm to handle your personal injury case, this can be the one for you. Serving the clients for the last 10 years, they have the much-needed experience and expertise to handle and understand the complex statute of limitations personal injury Texas.
  5. Zinda Law Group – Now enjoy 100% free consultations services with Zinda Law Group. You can clear all your doubts related to the personal injury case and the statute of limitations associated with it. They have some of the lawyers associated with them.

An efficient personal injury lawyer can play a crucial role in representing your case considering the Texas statute of limitations personal injury in the court of law. All you need to do is share the true story and other details with him or her. For more details regarding this, contact the experts at our website online attorney.