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Trusts & Estates Law Attorney

know the different kinds of attorneys who are there. A brief description of their types is as follows:

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Criminal defense

Mostly, the criminals also have a lawyer to fight for their claims. Many times, there are false allegations made on a person or a group, and the criminal defense attorneys have the right to understand the case and defend their subject from conviction.


DUI DWI attorney

The DUI or Driving under influence lawyers, take cases of drunk driving or driving in the case of any toxic consumption. They can also be consulted online for the various commercial DUI regulations and to learn about various laws related to it.


Employees' attorney

There are online attorneys for the employees of a company as well. They look after the workers' compensations, and in cases of dissatisfaction, they also file the cases and look after the legal proceedings. They also deal with the safety of a workplace and fight various sexual harassment cases which happen in the workplaces.

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Best Law Firms for Trusts & Estates Law Attorney

Trusts and estates lawyers are responsible for drafting estate planning documents like trusts, wills, advanced medical derivatives, and power of attorney. In addition to this, the estates' law attorney is also involved in the estate management of the decedent. It is to be noted that both estate administration and estate planning involves income tax and transfer tax ramifications. 

Trusts and estates at times can interact with the elder law that deals with wealth protection issues like Medicaid qualification, disability benefits, social security, and long term care insurance. The ultimate goal of a trust and estate law attorney is to help the clients in achieving their objectives as well as obtaining the relevant tax savings made available to them through appropriate planning. 

These attorneys spend a substantial amount of time in handling the Federal gift, estate, and generation tax issues that are a part of transfer planning. In today’s high-tech and digital age, there is no shortcut to estate planning. Fortunately, you have an estates law attorney to help and guide you throughout the process. 

 Why should you go for a Trusts and Estate Law Attorney?


Creating wills, health care directives, trusts, power of attorney, and related documents are essential to ensure that your wishes are honored after your death. It is essential to hire a professional estate law attorney.

  • Update Necessary Documents – Trusts, wills, and other relevant state documents are something that needs regular revisions. You see the life events tend to change along with your financial and health status. It is crucial to ensure that all your estate documents have updated information. At times, handling all the documentation individually can be an overwhelming process. Hiring a legal professional to keep a check on this process can prove to be a wise decision. They will also keep an eye on the total figures to minimize estate taxes and prevent probate. 
  • Ensure Documents comply with Law – It is the duty of an experienced and licensed trust and estate law attorney to ensure that all your estate documents comply with the existing real estate laws. It is to be noted that these laws are subject to frequent changes. Hiring a lawyer can offer you peace of mind knowing that all your plans are fitting within the limits of the state law. 
  • Confidence – We all know how complicated legal terms and jargons are! The legal language if filled with logical backings and any deviation can change the meaning of the entire document. Having a legal professional on your side will give you confidence that your estate documents say exactly what you want them to say. You see estate planning is a complicated process. Moreover, the majority of the errors in the documents are identified only after the demise of the property owner. You must hire a reputed estate lawyer who will understand your expectations and wishes and convert them into a flawless legal document. They will also give you a brief idea about all the possible consequences.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – There is a common misconception that trust or will automatically cover all your wealth and assets. Unfortunately, this is not true! Many beneficiary designations and property ownership of assets like life insurance and retirement accounts are unknowingly left out in the planning process. Your Estates Law lawyer will review all your assets and advise you regarding the retitling of property and accounts and with revising beneficiary designations. In other words, his main motive shall be to encompass all the tangible and intangible parts of your asset in a single document. You can save a lot of your time, cost, and efforts with this single step. 
  • Professional Drafting – The best part about hiring a professional estate lawyer is that you can enjoy the benefit of a professionally drafted and executed documentation process. Your lawyer will also assist in making the documents formal and official with the relevant notary public and witness signature. This will enhance the authenticity of your estate or wills. 
  • Trusted Source – We all need one trusted person on whom we can rely on all our wills and estate after the demise. An estate law attorney can be that sole guidance point for your family members. Apart from this, you too will have professional backing in all your property related matters. Any discrepancies and your lawyer will be standing there with possible solutions!


Qualities to look for in an Estate Attorney before choosing one

Here are the 7 qualities of a good estate lawyer:


  • Expertise – You cannot rely on any lawyer who claims to have handled estate planning in the past. A lot of things are at stake and you should not take any chance. A great estate law attorney is the one who has expertise in trust and estate laws. His relevant experience and qualification should be in this field only. Such lawyers are expected to have detailed knowledge about the domain plus they are well-versed with all the latest developments. You can also cross-check his credentials and license to ensure his expertise in estate planning. 
  • Fixed Fee – One of the prominent qualities of an honest and upfront estate lawyer is that he charges a fixed fee from its clients. This will ensure that there are no hidden charges or costly clauses for you. Moreover, you will also exactly know the range of services the lawyer will offer you in this duration. Discuss all your payment concerns before signing the contract.
  • Range of Services – Needless to say, the best Estates Law lawyer is the one who offers a wide range of estate planning services is the best lawyer. A highly skilled estate lawyer will always offer versatile services along with establishing a trust for the loved ones, prevent probate, reduce estate taxes, plan for contingency and disability, create wills, and much more. If you are experiencing complicated financial situations, hire a lawyer, who is an expert in drafting trusts. Moreover, if you wish to settle your deceased father’s estate, hire a lawyer who has expertise in confirmations. 
  • Faster Implementations – Estate and trust matters are quite sensitive and demand faster actions. A good estate lawyer is the one who can analyze the situation and plans quickly. Also, if the client is prepared and organized in terms of documents and wills, he can get the first draft within some weeks. Estate cases do not always offer the luxury of ample time. Sometimes, the property owner is critically ill and the best estate law lawyer is the one who can facilitate all the documents quickly. 
  • Communication Skills and Friendly – An estate lawyer tends to become an integral part of the family as he/she is well-acquainted with all the members. A good lawyer is the one who has impeccable written and verbal communication skills. As mentioned above, estate matters are critical and sensitive. Any discrepancies can lead to a huge loss for the client. Apart from this, a good lawyer will always display a friendly behavior with all its clients. 
  • A Guide – The Best Estates Law lawyer is the one who guides his client through the entire process. He should be efficient enough to handle all the drafting and documentation functions independently. He will devise an estate plan in such a manner that attracts minimum taxes and maximum returns. He should be able to guide you regarding the guardianship of dependents, life insurance, charities, power of attorney, and healthcare decisions. 


How to Reach the Best Law Firm?


Finding the right law firm or lawyer for your estate planning activities can prove to be a daunting task. Follow these simple tips that will help you in reaching the right law firm.


  • Experience – Industry experience is the first thing that you should consider in this process. Make sure you go for an estate lawyer who has extensive experience in handling similar cases in the past as well. You can meet the professionals personally to understand if they have experience of drafting wills, trusts, power of attorneys, and all other relevant functions.
  • Expertise – Connect with the office of the lawyer and understand his major areas of expertise. Estates and wills are quite complex matters, therefore, you should connect with a lawyer who is qualified and trained in this domain only. Lawyers with limited exposure might not be able to do justice with your requirements and expectations.
  • Reputation – You should never trust a lawyer or law firm solely based on recommendations. Every client has different criteria for judging the capabilities of a lawyer. You can get a fair idea about the working of a law firm through its testimonials. Don’t hesitate to connect with their past clients to get a better understanding of their charging pattern and working style. 
  • Integrity – Estate matters generally involve huge amounts of money and properties. Make sure you hire an estate law lawyer who is known for its integrity and honesty. He should be hardworking, honest, and dedicated to their clients. Honest lawyers don’t cheat or misguide their clients. Visit the official website to get an idea about this with his clientele list. 
  • Rapport – Clients spend a significant amount of time with their estate lawyers. The drafting process requires a lot of planning and discussions. Rapport building is important otherwise no client would be comfortable in investing time with a lawyer. Meet the lawyer personally and try to analyze his thinking process and working style. If it seems right then only you should move ahead with the contract. 


How much does the Trusts and Estate Law Attorneys Cost?


You see, an estate planning attorney has different ways of charging the fee. However, you are free to discuss your preferences with them. 


  • Flat Fees – The majority of the estate lawyers prefer to charge a flat rate fee for writing a will and other estate planning documents. The minimum charges for this service can be around $300, whereas, the maximum amount can be around $1,200. What are the reasons for the flat rate system? Well, the reasons can be many as some estates law lawyers follow the standard writing pattern or have experience and expertise in drafting such documents. In other words, a flat fee gives them the liberty to spend their time as they wish, which is not possible in an hourly payment system. Lastly, some lawyers feel that this payment system allows them to work stress-free and build a better client-attorney relationship. Also, the client can discuss any queries without worrying about the soaring cost meter. 


  • Hourly Billing – This type of billing can be expected from the more seasoned and experienced estate lawyers. Moreover, the rate will exclusively depend upon your location, types of service, and experience of the lawyer. If you are in a town or countryside area, expect an hourly rate of $150 per hour. Similarly, if you are in a city, the minimum rate that you will come across is around $200 per hour. Please note that reputed and big law firms can charge a higher fee as compared to the smaller law firms and individual practitioners. Similarly, a lawyer who has industry expertise in estate planning can also charge a higher fee depending upon his knowledge and expertise. Many attorneys also follow the 6-minute increment policy. It means that you will not be charged anything for the first 6 minutes of the lawyer’s time. 


Hire the Professionals for Flawless Estate Planning


The majority of the people can benefit from hiring an estate law attorney. If you are considering drafting your own will, make sure you consult a lawyer to verify it. The need for hiring a trust and estate attorney multiplies if you have a large estate that has a heavy estate tax.  Make sure you clarify, discuss, and consult all your concerns in advance. 


In simple words, trust and estate law attorneys offer value in various ways. Their services and assistance are not limited to trusts, wills, and other estate documents. If you still have any queries that are bothering you, connect with us for a free consultation. We have a team of experienced estates law attorneys who will ease the process to a larger extent.  

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