Tucson Car Accident Lawyer – Although there is no particular necessity to hire an injury lawyer, failing to hire one can be a huge mistake if you’ve been in an accident. Cases that involve significant injuries and wrongful death claims can be too complicated to deal with on your own. So you might contact Injury lawyer for more help and guidance.

Usually, vehicle accident cases are done and dusted in one go, and there’s no chance of rectification later. Handling such a case on your own is a significant risk as you might realize the extent of damage much later. 

Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority at the scene of an accident. However, once you’ve received the medical aid, your immediate step should be to contact a Tucson car accident attorney

tucson car accident lawyer
Tucson Car Accident Lawyer

Tucson Car Accident Lawyer : Why one need them?

A car accident does not come with injuries alone; it also brings a whole lot of mental stress and trauma. Representing your claim when you’re already confused can be excruciating. The circumstances and your ill health might lead you to make hasty decisions that you’ll regret later. A car accident attorney Tucson can increase your chances of winning the case by multifold.

A lot of people wait for a long time before hiring a personal injury lawyer and end up jeopardizing their claim. However, hiring a Tucson car accident lawyer AZ can take the burden of paperwork and negotiation off of you. 

You must contact a Car accident lawyer near me immediately after you’ve undergone a medical checkup. The sooner you hire a lawyer, and the better are your chances to secure a fair settlement.

Tucson Car Accident Attorney : How to file an insurance claim?

Filing an insurance claim is as simple as making a phone call to your insurance company. You should set up a request as soon as possible after the accident. Insurance companies tend to gather information against their insured before they hire a Tucson car accident lawyer. Although it is a simple phone call to set up your claim, it might be a mistake if you’ve not consulted a reasonable attorney.

Your lawyer will guide you through the paperwork and other formalities of the insurance company. He/ she should be experienced in dealing with the tactics and will also prevent you from giving any statements. 

The defense insurance company will try to get a written statement signed or record one during an interview. However, you should avoid falling for this as it might land you with meager settlements. It’s for the best that you let a professional Tucson car accident lawyer deal with insurance company procedures.

Car Accident Lawyer TucsonFee percentage

The standard rate for car accident lawyers in Arizona ranges between 33.3% to 40% of the settlement amount. However, you must remember that the percentage is based on contingency, and you only pay at the end of receiving your claim. The fees might vary slightly depending on the reputation of the firm and the quality of services.

Things that you should ask your lawyer

Find a car accident lawyer suitable for your case is not as easy as it sounds. You’ve to do extensive market research and comparison before short-listing the right candidate. 

Ensure that your Tucson car accident lawyer is licensed under the state and a clean track record. You also need to learn about your potential lawyer’s education, experience, and win percentage before finalizing the deal. 

  1. Experience in similar cases
  2. Lawyer’s qualifications and caseload
  3. Their detailed fees structure
  4. What are the resources you’d need for the case?
  5. Your lawyer’s experience in courtroom trials
Car Accident Attorney Tucson
Car Accident Attorney Tucson

Car Accident Attorney TucsonWhat to expect from your attorney?

Once you’ve hired a suitable Tucson car accident lawyer for your case, the only thing you need to take care of is your recovery. Your lawyer should take care of all the documentation and representation of your case throughout.

  • Your lawyer should gather evidence for the case

When it comes to collecting evidence to build your case, your car accident lawyer Tucson should do whatever it takes. You can expect him to do the following:

  1. Visit the accident spot to survey and document the scene
  2. He/ she should gather local police reports
  3. Interview witnesses of the accident
  4. Documentation of all your medical records
  5. Consult experts in medical and economic fields for a better perspective
  • Your lawyer should prove negligence and liability

The primary goal of your Tucson car accident lawyer should be to prove the other party guilty and establish liability. He should prove the relation between the accident and the damage to your health that it has caused. 

  • Computation of damages

Although it might seem like your medical bills are the end of damage caused by accident, you might later realize the depth of your injuries. 

  1. Medical bills
  2. Emergency transport
  3. Property damage
  4. Lost income
  5. Pain and suffering

Your attorney should be able to evaluate all the economic and non-economic aspects to calculate an appropriate amount. This also includes the mental anguish that the accident has caused you. 

  • Negotiation with insurance companies

Your Tucson car accident lawyer should be equipped to deal with whatever the defense and the insurance company throws at you. Starting from sending a written demand letter to debugging the counteroffers, your attorney should handle all the mess. 

  • Filing a lawsuit and representation in court

In case your insurance company doesn’t settle your demands or denies your claim, your lawyer should file a lawsuit. Not only will your lawyer represent you in the court proceedings, but he will also negotiate, litigate, and fight for your right to compensation for the damages caused by accident. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Tucson : What is your case worth?

Usually, car accident settlements in Tucson range from $14000 to $28000, but it might be higher in case of severe injuries or death. Moreover, if the defendant is proved to be driving under influence, your settlement is higher. 

Case timeline

Depending on the aspects of your car accident, the time required to settle it might vary. 

  1. Proving negligence and liability
  2. The extent of damages and losses
  3. Evidence
  4. Insurance company’s response
  5. The diplomacy of your attorney

While some instances can be simple and can be settled in a couple of months, others might take years to settle. If you want to learn more about car accident lawyer in Tucson, you may reach out us at Online Lawyer .