Utah DUI Laws are important to understand for a clear idea. How does the DUI Laws work? What do you need to know about the laws of drunk driving so that you do not get into unwanted trouble? The real story is, like every other state driving while drunk can bring in a lot of unprecedented problems if the driver is caught. Here we have also provided a detail information about DWI lawyer near me.

Utah DUI Laws
Utah DUI Laws

You see, in Utah ‘Driving under the influence‘ is the official term to identify the offense in the court and other legal proceedings. But the term is used interchangeably with ‘Driving while intoxicated’ by people to refer to drunk or drugged driving and dui Utah code. you can also visit for more information on what happens for your first dui offense.

Utah DUI Laws – When is a DUI charged?

Here’s the deal the state of Utah has less to no tolerance of drunk driving. The laws are very strictly implemented, and the state makes sure that the offender is punished and Utah dui laws penalties. In rare scenarios, will an offender be excused without any major penalties? Now, what are the conditions under which the DUI laws can be pressed? Let us have a look on Utah dui procedures:

*BAC: This is the most important factor that comes into play when the charge of DUI is pressed. If an officer feels that you are driving under any kind of influence, you will be asked to pull over. In case it is found that the Blood Alcohol Concentration level is .08 percent or more after the field sobriety tests are conducted the charges can be pressed.

*The intuition of the officer: In case a field sobriety test is not conducted, but the officer in the scene still feels that there is incoherence in your driving pattern you can be asked to pull over. If the officer thinks that you are under some kind of influence, be it alcohol or drug, the charge can be pressed.

*Underage drivers: Utah dui laws has a very strict law when it comes to the underage driver. I mean to say here that drivers under the age of 21 have a greater risk when they are caught driving under influence. This law is called ‘not-a-drop.’ It is illegal if someone under 21 drives a motor vehicle while being drunk and dui Utah license suspension also.

Utah State Dui Laws – Can you get a DUI without driving in Utah?

Many of you might think is this even real. Well, honestly, the answer is yes. A driver could be charged with a DUI even if the person was not driving at the moment of the incident. As strange as it may sound this happens and in Utah state dui laws, there are laws governing this kind of offense. Let me explain the circumstances:

*Actual physical control: Well, we all know that DUI is basically meant for an intoxicated person who sits at the wheel and drives carelessly, posing a danger to the others on the road. But in Utah to get a DUI charge, you may not always need to be in ‘actual physical control’ of the car. This law exists because the state wants absolute safety when it comes to handling a motor vehicle in a public place. The legal authority of the state can stop anyone who they feel can be a potential danger when they drive.

*The totality of circumstances: The Utah DUI laws give a major amount of weight to the surrounding circumstances that have affected the incident to take place or have led to the incoherence in driving. This is based on several factors which we will discuss in the next half of the blog. If a court feels that the intoxicated person had a role to play in making the disturbance happen, then he or she is not safe from being charged for DUI. So technically speaking no one is quite safe from DUI charges in Utah. Therefore, precaution is a must while taking on the roads in the state on a motor vehicle.

Utah Dui Process
Utah Dui Process

Utah DUI Process – Factors considered in charging

Here’s the real deal. Certain factors come into play when a non-driving DUI is charged. Let us look at Utah Dui Process:

*Placement of the driver: A driver may not always be seated behind the wheel, but that does not mean that he or she does not have control over the one actually driving. Therefore, the most crucial factor for consideration is where the driver was seated when the car was pulled over.

*Ignition key: Who was in possession of the ignition key at the time of the incident? Did the driver have it? This is another deciding factor.

*Role of the driver: Another important factor is what role was the driver playing? If at the time of the incident, the driver was touching the steering wheel or had control over other operating systems in the car, the DUI charge can be pressed.

*State of the driver: When the car is being driven, the driver has to be vigilant. Whether the driver was sleeping or was wide awake at the time of the incident is something that will be taken into consideration before pressing any charge.

Utah Dui Laws And Penalties
Utah Dui Laws And Penalties

Utah DUI Laws And Penalties:

Look at the Utah Dui Laws And Penalties that can be faced due to DUI:

*1st offense: Though it can go up to 180 days in most cases, it is a mandatory two days of jail time with 48 hours of community service. The fine can go up to $1310. The license will be suspended for 120 days.

*2nd offense: Jail time can go up to 180 days with at least ten days of mandatory jail time. The fine can go up to $1560. The license can be revoked for two years.

*3rd offense: Prison time can go up to 5 years with at least 62 mandatory days in jail if prison is not ordered. The will be at least $2850. The license can be revoked for two years.

DUI Laws In Utah – Where to go for help?

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Remember, DUI charges are not at all good for your records. It is advisable that you seek proper help to get out of it. For further information on Utah DUI laws and for more knowledge you can go to our page attorney vs lawyer as well on Utah DUI code.