What Happens For Your First Dui Offense In most of the US states, DUI is considered to be a misdemeanor, and if the conditions are not severe like a manslaughter charge, the sentence can be mild. But that does not mean one can take it lightly, especially the first-timers. You can follow DUI/DWI Attorneys for more information.

What Happens For Your First Dui Offense
What Happens For Your First Dui Offense

What happens on your first DUI offense, there will be probation ordered which might sometimes be involved getting sent to the county jail for some days. The license will be suspended in almost every state. The charges given during the probation period can also result in a very high amount.  

What Happens For Your First Dui Offense-Actions 

You can expect one or more of the following actions against you on being caught in a DUI offense.

  • Arrest – On being suspicious of drunk and driving, you might be taken away to a police station and can be booked against the DUI charge.
  • Temporary or Permanent License Suspension – The court of law can temporarily or permanently suspend your driving license for a specific period of time.
  • Fine – You might be asked to pay a stipulated amount of fine in lieu of your DUI case. The amount shall increase with the involvement of property or human beings.
  • Drunk Driving School – If you wish to get back your driving license, you might be asked to visit the drunk driving school and undergo intensive alcohol control training. The fees paid there shall be treated as a penalty amount for you.
  • Jail – Imprisonment is compulsory for all DUI cases. The tenure might start from one day and can extend up to 15 years according to the intensity of the crime.

What happens on your first DUI offense? 

Though the immediate consequences of a first time DUI charge apparently does not seem to be very severe it will have long term effects. What happens for your first DUI offense can be used against the offender for a long time after it has taken place. 

In the case of the second charge of a DUI case, the first time charge can make a huge difference in the sentence that will be delivered resulting in increased penalties in most of the cases. you can also check out dui lawyers near me.

Top DUI Law Firms in the USA
Top DUI Law Firms in the USA

Top DUI Law Firms in the USA

  1. Sonny Im Law office, Tarpon Springs, Florida – Attorney Sonny Im is a former judge and a state prosecutor who can offer experienced legal representation of the client in need. They work around the Tampa Bay area thus providing the people with a good choice of a law firm.
  2. Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C., Denver, Colorado – The law firm houses Colorado’s best voted DUI lawyer. They specialize in DUI defense, Drug offense, and criminal offenses. Clients have found that the advice they give while consultation actually works and help them get rid of the charges.
  3. Law Office of David Knoll, California – They specialize in DUI charges. They have an expert attorney who handles such charges with great efficiency and ensures a proper release from the charges. They give smart advice for the clients that help them in time of need.
  4. The Koffel Law Firm, Columbus, Ohio – This firm is a leading firm that is 100%privately retained. Brad Koffel the owner of the firm, is voted as one of the best lawyers in the USA. It ranks fourth among all the eminent law firms in Ohio.
  5. Ansara law firm, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – This law firm operated mainly throughout South Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. They provide defense against state or federal crime accusations. 

When a person is charged on a DUI for the first offense dui a lot of consequences are to follow. So in order to stay out of the legal troubles, it is wisest to consult the best. Get in touch with the experts to understand what happens for your first dui offense at online attorney.