Highest paid types of lawyers : We all know that a criminal lawyer is counted among the types of highest paid lawyers. However, they are not the only lawyers to get paid the highest amounts of money. Law is a topic with varied interests. There are multiple topics one can specialize in and build a career of dreams. In order to understand which aspect of the law professional best suits you, you should be aware of the pay structure offered by each of them. You can go through Criminal Defense Attorney for further.

Highest Paid Types Of Lawyers
Highest Paid Types Of Lawyers

In legal professions, a major portion of your paycheck is dependent on your overall experience and expertise. Your clients would be looking out for some specific qualities before they would release a hefty paycheck. So, if you think specializing in a particular field would increase your chances of higher earnings, you are only partially right. Besides specializing, you must spend enough years in the industry and build a reputation for yourself.

Highest Paid Types Of Lawyers – Legal Profession

Every profession has some set of responsibilities. Similarly, in the legal profession, a professional’s hiring rate shall depend on numerous factors. Here are the ones mentioned below accompanied with brief discussion:

  • Demand: When specific lawyers are in huge demand, they are in total control regarding their fees. They can charge something that their clients cannot refuse. For example Criminal lawyers.
  • The intensity of the case: If the case is of serious intention such as bankruptcy, the payout is expected to be over the bar.
  • Expertise: If a particular lawyer is well known for his skills, he is bound to be counted as one of the highest paid types of lawyers.

Types Of Highest Paid Lawyers – Responsibilities

Types Of Highest Paid Lawyers
Types Of Highest Paid Lawyers
  1. Intellectual property lawyers: As per the title suggests, An intellectual property lawyer might be called out for when the case is related to copyright, patents, trademarks, etc. As new companies are debuting into the market every day, there would be a massive demand for Intellectual property lawyers in the future. Currently, their average yearly payout is US$ 144,037.
  2. Real Estate Lawyers: When the dispute is regarding personal and commercial properties, real estate lawyers are called out for. They handle all the transactions using legal measures. Their annual average paycheck amounts to US$ 118,000.
  3. Healthcare Lawyers: Healthcare Lawyers need to offer consultation services to the individuals and institutions involved in the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, medicine companies, medical professionals, etc. With an annual payout of a whopping $ 146,590 approximately, the healthcare law is indeed one of the highest paying streams.
  4. Corporate Lawyers: These types of lawyers highest paid are required to work with employers for helping them with contracts, patents, collections, etc. With an average annual salary of US$ 100,000, corporate lawyers are one of the highest earners.
  5. Criminal Lawyers: You probably know how much demand is for criminal lawyers. With demand on their side, criminal lawyers are making it big with approximately US $150,000 coming in on a yearly basis. They are the ones to assist both companies and individuals and held them defend inside the courtroom.

We believe you are now well equipped with the knowledge about the average yearly earnings of various types of lawyers highest paid. Our attempt was to bring forward the highest paid types of lawyers. If you have liked the article and wish to know in more depth about the different law divisions, reach us for further consultation and visit Online Attorney.